Seton Hall scoops up Sacred Heart transfer Quincy McKnight

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Seton Hall has filled their last remaining scholarship heading into 2017-18 with a big-time scorer who won’t be able to suit up until 2018-19.

6-3 Sacred Heart guard Quincy McKnight will transfer to Seton Hall and sit out next season before tapping into his remaining two years of eligibility starting in 2018-19.

Last season’s leading scorer for the Pioneers, McKnight stuffed the stat sheet for a poor team. He did most of his work from within the arc (27-84 3pt, 32%) which yielded the 22nd-best rate of drawing fouls in the nation; McKnight sank 77-percent of those freebies.

While you can question Quincy’s impressive stats (18.9 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 3 apg, 1.6 spg) due to the strength of the Northeast Conference, he also turned heads outside of it via 22, 4 & 3 against Arizona along with 36, 5 & 3 against Boston College; McKnight poured in 44 points, nine rebounds, and six assists during a triple overtime game against Bryant in January.

A more-detailed profile of McKnight’s game can be read in this post on NYC Buckets, which mentions his high turnover rate but also the reality of how shouldering a bad team will lead to defenses heavily focusing on you; Seton Hall’s staff is confident McKnight is versatile enough to play multiple positions.

I’m told Penn State, Memphis, Georgia Tech, Saint Louis, Saint Joseph’s, Temple and others were also pursuing McKnight.

  • Lot of you wanted Geno Thorpe — I was also in that camp.

    Now looking back, thoughts? Both are volume scorers who aren’t natural PGs but can play with rock in their hands and rack up assists.

    Thorpe would have been immediately eligible, but McKnight can play for two years.

    • PirateLacrosse14

      Was in that camp as well. Kind of viewed Thorpe as another Gordon, Jones with more of an ability to score rather than defend, so I felt like it would be another good fit. But looking back there’s a lot of talent on the bench as is, and only so many minutes in a game. Adding another starter could turn a deep bench into a log jam.

      Also, with McKinght’s potential versatility to play both G positions, he can spend the year learning under Carrington. And if SHU is able to pull in one of the top 2018 PG recruits they’ve been in talks with, McKnight will be able to shift over to the SG spot, allowing for said potential recruit and Walker to handle PG duties, with McKnight able to play the PG position if needed. Plus, he’ll have some college and team experience under his belt when he plays next year.

      • marco

        i worry a bit about ball movement next season… from what i understand walker likes to dribble.. i know carrington likes to pound the rock… powell’s a scorer… delgado needs his touches… rodriguez seems to put up 10-15 shots a game…cale seems like a scorer (and i have a feeling he’ll be a good one)

        i worry a bit that the offence is going to turn into… “okay now it’s your turn to go 1-on-1” however they probably have enough talent to win like this… and of course delgado is all over the glass for put-backs and second chance points…

        it was just nice to have madison jones because he was a pass-first guard… whereas some of the other guys seem naturally inclined to look for their own shots…

        and what about sanogo? I’m sure he would like to develop a bit offensively, but will there be any looks for him? with that being said, sanogo seems pretty selfless and does what’s best to help the team…

        i love carrington, but i would rather have him play off the ball.. not bring it up the court and orchestrate the offense… he can be a bit sloppy at times when he passes the ball in the backcourt… I’d rather have him shooting, driving, & scoring.

        i don’t know if walker is quite ready to start at pg on what should be one of the best teams in the big east… for everything that he’s going to do that excites me, he’s probably going to turn the ball over quite a bit…

        i guess i wish we still had jones for another year… i found him to be quite useful especially later in the season… he’s just kind of an average reliable player… does the simple thing… passes, takes the open shot when he has it…

        with that being said, it’s great to have some depth.. willard has a lot of weapons to use… i just hope that the offence doesn’t stagnate… if the offence gels than the pirates could be very dangerous next season…

        • VinBick

          I agree with your criticism of Carrington, “i love carrington, but i would rather have him play off the ball.. not bring it up the court and orchestrate the offense… he can be a bit sloppy at times when he passes the ball in the backcourt… I’d rather have him shooting, driving, & scoring.” He still is a lazy passer after three years of college ball. No excuse for doing so. His summer homework should be hours of making crisp, sharp passes to teammates in Walsh Gym. Dr. Charlie Mitchell is still at the Hall; he should be tutoring KC all summer long!

  • Matt

    I like it because I was worried about the minutes if Thorpe was added. This puts more pressure on Carrington/Walker for the PG situation. It also asks Myles Powell to step up to. The 5 guys on the floor with a minute left up by 1 against Villanova for the BET are?

    Delgado, Sanogo, Rodriguez, Carrington, Powell?

    • Marklemore84

      Might put more pressure on Carrington in practice, but he will graduate before McKnight ever steps on the floor in a game for the Pirates.

  • RonD

    Carino says it best– Carrington gets the ball in his hands next season with Walker as he understudy: “it’s Carrington’s turn to be the Lead guy.” With Thorpe, not enough balls to go to around with all the talent on the floor. Staff did not want to mess with the chemistry next season. We’ll go as far as Carrington at the point can take us.

    • Yep — this was the main concern. Staff got relatively lucky with Gordon/Jones, two guys who fit in perfectly with the 2014 recruiting class. Not sure how well a guy who takes a lot of shots would gel.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Good pickup. We needed a PG for 18-19 season. I like that we have him for 2 years. Nice mentor for Walker that will help him grow and develop.

    • McKnight is not a pure PG, but the staff thinks he can play multiple positions. Pretty solid defensively… more athletic than Madison Jones but not at Derrick Gordon’s level. Way better scorer than both, but will operate inside like they did.

      • Andrew Herbst

        Thanks Chris. I’m excited to see what Mcknight can do next year

  • PadrePirate

    Not bad. Still, I think we’re kind of stacked with 2 guards. Would have been nice to add a back-up PG. With KC gone in 2018-19, that will leave Walker alone at (1) and Cale/Powell/McK at (2). For the incoming ’18 class, the staff will need to rope in another PG, another wing/SF, and an athletic PF. Not sure how many open schollies we will next year, 3 or 4?

    • Matty P

      SHU will have at a minimum 4 scholarships open next year – Carrington, Desi, Sanogo, and Delgado will all be graduating. Depending on how Broadie or Gill progress I would say that Center would be more pressing than PF for next season. I agree though that they should try to look for another PG and wing/SF, unless the staff is going to move towards a 3 guard offense.

    • 1968_bills_fan

      McKnight will have to sit a year. That means that he will have a year to practice playing point guard against BE competition (his SHU teammates). Expect to see an improvement and little carry-over of bad habits from having to be the man at Sacred Heart. He will also be a year older and stronger. (men reach their physical peak somewhere around 23 years old- it varies)

  • hallstorm

    I’m not sure how to feel about this because I really have no idea who McKnight is. I guess it’s a good thing, but what I find interesting is that it takes away from one of the ’18 scholarships. We really need depth at the point guard and power forward position after this season. I hope this dude can help at the PG. If I’m Eron Gordon, I’m thinking to improve my ball handling skills.

    At least this McKnight guy won’t have to change his collegiate initials. He goes from SHU to SHU. I wonder how many transfers can say they did that in years past.

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