Seton Hall recruiting Kansas forward Dwight Coleby, UMass duo

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Perhaps in preparation for Angel Delgado‘s likely departure to the professional ranks, Seton Hall is keeping tabs on a trio of transfers.

First up is 6-9 Kansas graduate transfer Dwight Coleby (1.7 ppg, 1.8 rpg), who on the surface looks like more of a replacement for Rashed Anthony — who committed to Saint Louis today — and not Delgado.

Coleby played less than six minutes per game in his only season at Kansas after playing two years at Ole Miss, where he averaged 5.4 ppg and 4.8 rpg in 16 mpg as a sophomore.

A borderline top-150 recruit coming out of high school, VCU, George Washington, DePaul, Stephen F. Austin, and Hampton are also reportedly interested; Coleby matched a career-high with 12 points against Texas this season.

Seton Hall is also linked to a pair of semi-familiar names in versatile UMass guard Dejon Jarreau (9.8 ppg, 4.5 apg, 3.6 rpg) and 6-9 forward Brison Gresham (3.3 ppg, 3.2 rpg), who are transferring as a rare package deal after their first year in the Atlantic 10, both must sit out the 2017-18 season.

Currently listed in their final four along with Auburn, Creighton, and UConn, it sounds like Seton Hall has some work to do according to Rivals; the Hall first reached out last month.

“They have a good, young team,” Jarreau told Corey Evans of Seton Hall. “They let their guys rock, too, and let their guys play. I have no problem with that. I haven’t visited Seton Hall yet and I don’t really know much about them since they just started talking to us, but it does sound like a good situation.”

With only one scholarship open, taking the UMass pair would hinge upon Angel Delgado leaving the team.

  • Fishjam
    • Ha… Guess they don’t realize I am using someone else as my source. How did you come across that article?

      • Fishjam

        Was just looking up Coleby and found the article

  • PadrePirate

    I take it that Gresham-Jarreau are both immediately eligible? Why is that exactly? I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out these rules. I thought guys had to sit out for a year if they transfer, other than kids who graduate with one more year of eligibility left… What year are they in school? The Kansas boy doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but we’re latecomers to the transfer market. Angel has 6 days left to make his choice…

    • hallstorm

      They would both have to sit out a year.

    • Sorry… my mistake. I didn’t note this in the story, though both guys have been talked about on Twitter and I believe on this site in past, so I took that fact for granted.

      As Hallstorm said, both have to sit.

      • PadrePirate

        Just out of curiosity, why have they insisted on transferring together. That’s pretty weird. Are they BFFs, dating, or just long time teammates?

        • hallstorm

          Haha. I actually thought the same thing. They aren’t even from the same hometown.

        • Fishjam

          Believe they played AAU ball together for years. They committed to UMass together and are apparently BFFs.

  • VinBick

    It has been nice to see the bench cleared of players who are not talented enough to compete in the Big East. The transfers mentioned here seem like guys who have little to offer the Hall. Securing pups coming out of high school with more potential seems to be a more productive route than bringing in weak bench warmers from other schools with questionable ability?

  • Latest is that Angel is leaning toward coming back now..

    • 11yearplan

      Lets hope so. The Athletic Dept needs some good news. Yesterday we lost Coach Doell of the women’s golf team. She is taking the job at the University of San Francisco. She was the most dominant coach we have had since Sheppard/Moon in the 70’s-80’s. Hard to believe any golfer would go to a windy place like San Francisco.

      Hopefully Men’s baseball takes the BET next week, the AD finds a stronger golf coach and Angel becomes a first team All-American.

    • VinBick

      Really hope Angel sees that he has more pro potential here in the US in the NBA with a strong senior year in the Big East. There are many more opportunities for him to provide he can play with the big guys at the next level. Overseas chances may result in bigger bucks, too. Leaving Seton Hall when the team has so much potential with him participating is just plain dumb. Asking the question for years to come, “What if I stayed and played for an outstanding team as a senior”? Enjoying the ride in school is a priceless experience for a talented, young adult.

      • Rich Ricci

        I agree with you completely, VinBick!! Angel also has to consider that life playing professional basketball isn’t as glorious as it may appear, especially overseas in a strange country where you know only a few teammates and have to constantly deal with a language barrier just to get through the day, making for a lot of loneliness and frustration.

        On the other hand, the time he spends in college will more than likely be the best years of his life, even more so if this team realizes its potential and makes a strong run in the NCAA Tournament, so passing up that experience for an uncertain professional career could be a big mistake he’ll regret later on. The money and professional career will still be there for him if he waits one more year and both might even prove to be more favorable with additional NCAA accolades on his resume!!!

    • LBP

      Funny Chris — I heard just the opposite from pretty good sources–Who knows????