Seton Hall to play VCU in Never Forget Games

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The long-time rumor has finally been made official: Seton Hall will play VCU at Prudential Center as part of the Never Forget Games.

I’ve heard that Seton Hall and VCU were originally aiming for a home & home series that would start in Newark, but this alternative for Seton Hall isn’t bad: what will likely be classified as a ‘neutral court’ RPI-wise will pretty much be a home game for the Hall assuming low amounts of traveling fans (though VCU will likely travel well).

Will Wade left town (26-9, 14-4) for the LSU job in March and over 40 ppg has left the Rams via graduation or transfer, so VCU may be looking at a transition year ahead of them. Seton Hall shocked a Shaka Smart-coached team 69-54 in the only meeting between the two schools, also on a neutral court.

Set for Saturday, December 9th, the double-header with Cincinnati-Florida will likely be aired on CBS and CBS Sports like last year’s pair of games between Notre Dame-Villanova and Pitt-Penn State; the event is affiliated with the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

  • VinBick

    What a great double-header at our Rock! With Big East dominance and national prominence on our doorstep, such attractive match ups should be regularly, featured college basketball events involving the Pirates for area fans. Looking forward to Rutgers improving greatly to join in the college b’ball spotlight, too.

    • shufaninva

      Just not toooo toooo greatly for RU ;–)

      • VinBick

        Yeah, I hear you, Fan in VA! I want all of the NY-NJ quality kids to stay home at the Hall, at RU, and at Redmen U. in Jamaica.

        • RonD

          No, not at Rutgers.

          • VinBick

            Come on Ron, they are our “state university” who we cheer for unless they are playing the Hall! With the present coach, the program there will improve. Hate going to the Ragged Rac in Piscataway for our game against them. The place should have been demolished years ago!

          • RonD

            Sorry Vin. It’s a zero sum game. Either we get the recruits or RU gets them. RU is down, keep them down.

          • VinBick

            There are plenty of quality kids to fill the rosters of all three local colleges. Our coaching staff can do nicely recruiting the home-grown crop and rarely going elsewhere to find additional kids for specific position needs. If the Hall continues to build in stature, the best players from all of the local high schools will be beating a path to South Orange to join an ongoing, successful program.

          • RonD

            Vin, I respect your viewpoint but perhaps we disagree on this one. There are not enough talented kids to go around. We are competing with all the top programs in the country in order to maintain and build our talent level. Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, Syracuse, etc are all in our backyard recruiting metro area kids. Chris Silva was coming to the Hall until South Carolina swooped in. Tauren Thompson was coming to the Hall until Syracuse swooped in. And how about that point guard who ended up at Duke. We don’t need another another school like Rutgers to compete with for good players.
            Plus, I root for all the BE programs vs all outsiders. Rutgers is an outsider, not a compatriot of ours or the BE.

          • VinBick

            Ron, I am a Jersey guy through and through. Grew up in Union City in the 50’s and I am proud to be a Jersey Shore Seton Hall Alum, Class of 1966. Rutgers is a great state university that I cheer for except when they are playing us.

            My point is that if the Hall, Rutgers, and the Johnnies are on the top of their games, the good, local kids will not be fleeing to the schools you listed. If three or four top flight players in the area stay home every year, that will make a huge difference for our respective teams. Of course, the KU’s. Duke, etc. will always secure great players from around the country, but we have the potential to attract the best kids, too.

          • RonD

            Vin, out of those 3 or 4 top flight kids you want one or two of them to end up at Rutgers? I don’t.

        • 11yearplan

          Vin: You should be rooting for SHU and anyone who plays RU and St. Johns. I hope the State U falls on its face for everything the NJ taxpayers had to bear so it would be acceptable by the Big 10. It does not belong in a big conference as most of the faculty and administration prefer that it join the Patriot League or somehow make its way into the Ivy League. Unlike the Dolan family, Seton Hall and ‘Nova, the red lettered ponies can’t figure out how to upgrade their facility so we, as taxpayers, will be forced to fund what will become a $100,000,000.00 arena. Which, unlike the Rock, will never turn a profit. Nothing worse than seeing their red name all over the great medical school SHU created.

          Walsh could have been expanded so we could have hosted every BE game but it was stopped by the South Orange Planning Board.

          The Johnnies, while taking advantage of a NCAA loop hole, looked down their noses at us as they signed local kids and told us what a genius Coach Carnaseca was.. Once the loop hole was gone all of a sudden no one wanted to go to Queens.

          Nothing is better than watching them loose, although G’town’s unraveling is a close 2nd.

  • fouline

    A challenging, national OCS is a great recruiting tool. ’bout time.

  • HallBall10

    Temple plays in the American conference not the A-10.
    URI who I believe we are matched up with in the first game of the NIT is in the A-10.

  • You’ve probably already seen it, but Jerry Carino has reported that the Hall will host NJIT (Rock) and Saint Peter’s (Walsh), with 2 open spots yet.

    Monmouth isn’t off the table just yet.

    • Matty P

      Good to see the school is scheduling some of the local teams. Better to play easier teams in the local area then have some no name team from out of state come and play.

      • Agree. And as I said on Twitter, Rutgers/SHU should both be playing at least one of Princeton/Monmouth each year, assuming each program remains at a level similar to present

        • PadrePirate

          We’ve been waiting on Princeton/Monmouth matchups for years. What are the underlying issues that make this so hard? It seems like an obvious win-win for all programs involved…

    • VinBick

      Monmouth should be a home and home regular at the beginning of each season. Loads of us alumni at the Jersey Shore want to see our Pirates in the beautiful Hawks venue on their campus in West Long Branch every other year. We opened the joint playing them a few years back. There were an equal number of Hall fans in attendance. Most major teams include a few in-state teams on their schedule every year. It is no fun watching us beating up on the Delaware’s of college basketball in early season games. The Hens brought 23 chickens into the Rock last year.

    • PadrePirate

      I don’t mind a couple of cupcakes (although St Peter’s did surprise us recently), but Princeton/Monmouth should have been a priority over those two.

  • hallstorm

    Hey Chris–how serious is Williard about Isaiah Mucius? I don’t hear him talked about much but both 247sports and ESPN list The Hall as a potential suitor on his short list. He looks to have a very similar build and game to Louis King. Could they play together if they both came?

    • I havent heard much buzz about him — seems like Xavier may be a favorite, theyve hosted him twice since last fall.

      I don’t think Desi is going to be replaced by two top-100 SFs in 2018… Think more transfer (McKnight)/3 guards + a 2018 like King.

      • hallstorm

        I feel like King doesn’t mention Seton Hall as much anymore. It’s a little surprising, but since he is very open in his recruitment I’m not sure Seton Hall is as much the frontrunner as they were last year.

        Is Forrester a contingency plan or would Williard take him if he liked his visit enough tomorrow to commit? It also seems like the staff has shifted from King (maybe because he switched from Under Armor to Nike?) to Reid and Quinerly? I feel like King is enjoying the recruiting process so much and will end up at a school that showers him with their tradition and comes on late–like Duval–and he isn’t really interesting in playing at home.

        I guess it’s why I thought maybe Mucius could be a nice option given that he isn’t really being recruited that hard. It seems like the staff has Manuel in a holding pattern until they hear direction from Reid and King.

  • SHU95

    Nice to see SHU as the ‘local’ option for the Elite Level recruits in this area, the latest being Naz Reid. In looking at his final 7, we are certainly in with the heavyweights but as the lone local option, I would expect SHU to be in it until the bitter end… which u would think should keep us in the hunt for some of the others like King, Carey, Quinerly etc. Good stuff….

  • VinBick

    Hey, Chris, how about a new topic or story involving predictions this early about the upcoming season? Where are the other Big East teams with their new players? Who will be stronger or weaker in the upcoming season?

    This may be the biggest Seton Hall team ever. The bench is much improved, but how does it compare with the other BE teams? You get the idea. There is no off season for us fanatics here……!

    • PadrePirate

      You heard the man 🙂
      If I might add a request for profiles of each new addition.

  • hallstorm

    One other thing I’d like to mention is I’m glad to see that Paul Mulcahy is coming for an unofficial visit. Even though he isn’t a top choice for 2019, I’m glad to see that the Jaren Sina fiasco hasn’t rubbed off on other Gill St. Bernard players. Even if he doesn’t choose the Hall and/or we don’t have a scholarship to offer (because we got enough of the local talent to come!!!), I like that the staff has kept good relations with the program.

  • Matty P

    Was just reading an article from Zagoria regarding the U19 team. It’s amazing that college basketball has no issue with all the college coaches, especially someone like Calipari. Since Calipari’s the head coach he got to pick the team and he of course picked all 3 incoming recruits and 6 guys that he’s targeting for next year. It’s hard to imagine that they don’t think that these things could end up favoring a coach/team in recruitment. Why not decide to go with the top high school coaches in the country instead of college coaches.