Seton Hall misses out on Jalen Carey, Luther Muhammad

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Seton Hall has missed the cut for local top-100 guards Jalen Carey and Luther Muhammad.

A two-guard from Hudson Catholic (N.J.), Muhammad leaving Seton Hall off of his list of five — Xavier, Ohio State, St. John’s, Virginia, West Virginia — is the less surprising piece of news.

Despite keep closing tabs on him last month during the July live period, St. John’s has been ahead of Seton Hall as the top local school for many months now, as I wrote in July.

The more bitter pill to swallow is Immaculate Conception (N.J.) lead guard Jalen Carey choosing Rutgers as part of his final six schools and not the Hall, who have pursued him furiously over recent months.

Kansas, Miami, Villanova, UConn, and Syracuse also made the list of the ever-improving point guard, who had a big July. At least to me, Carey was considered the best and most realistic option behind five-star target Jahvon Quinerly.

Luther Muhammad’s decision is much less of a concern here as two-guard is clearly the least-needed position as far as 2018 recruits go.

Jalen Carey leaves Seton Hall barren of top-100 options for a 2018 point guard should Jahvon Quinerly go elsewhere; it sounds like he is close to committing to Arizona — 247Sports’ Crystal Ball tends to back those rumors up. Edit (8/8): Quinerly decides tonight between Arizona and Villanova.

Assuming Carey and Quinerly are both out of the picture, Seton Hall’s staff is looking at these recruits as potentially joining up with a sophomore Jordan Walker next summer:

Marcus Zegarowski (Tilton School, Mass.) – A 2-star prospect, the Expressions Elite guard received an offer in June shortly after VCU, Rutgers, Washington, Arizona State, and Creighton did the same; the staff made sure to watch him last month. Edit (8/8): Creighton, Ohio State, Minnesota, and Washington made his final four.

Anthony Nelson (South Kent, Conn.) – NY Lightning guard with ties to the New York area who, like Zegarowski, is not highly ranked and plays in the New England region. Nelson is 6-4 and can play several positions; he visited Seton Hall in June prior to Monmouth and Rhode Island.  The staff was also sure to watch last month while UNLV, USF, and Minnesota all offered.

Nate Hinton (Gaston Day, N.C.) – A 6-6 combo guard from North Carolina, Hinton appears to be an odd offer this late in the 2018 recruiting cycle when coupled with not being a local target. That said, his frame matches a trend of Seton Hall’s staff offering longer two-guards and wings; I wrote about Hinton briefly when Seton Hall offered a couple weeks ago — Florida State, Georgetown, and Tennessee have swooped in since.

Tyrese Martin (Massanutten Military Academy, Va.) – Seton Hall’s latest offer has been extended to Martin, a 6-4 two-guard. While Martin doesn’t impact the above point guard recruitment, he does join 2018 targets Jared Rhoden and Emmitt Matthews, Jr. as lengthy (6’4+) options on the wing that the staff has started to pursue over the last month or two.

While Seton Hall’s recruitment of a 2018 floor general may appear dire, don’t forget that you have yet to see what Jordan Walker can do at a Division I level and that ineligible Sacred Heart transfer Quincy McKnight is capable of playing a lead guard role in 2018-19.

  • LBP

    Not that much of a J.Carey fan ( think JQ is a far better prospect-altho doubt KW will land him)–Happy that J. Carey did not string the Hall along.

    • Did you watch him last HS season?

      • LBP

        Hi Chris–
        I did get to see him (one Game others on video)–he will be good but I thought he was more of a 2 Guard then point. Look, the Staff ( much more knowledgeable than me) really wanted him , so take is of little value and I prefer tall,long players

        • Interesting. I never got to see him. Trying to get to a few local HS games this winter, hopefully the staff can add some incentive for me 🙂

  • SHU95

    Carey not including SHU is a bit of a surprise, but I would prefer to know sooner rather than later. I think Walker is gong to be good, but we need more than one capable PG for 2018. Agree with Chris on LM, we have a surplus of 2/Combo guards so Not a big shock that he is looking elsewhere. Another lead guard as well as interior size/ability remain the focus for 2018… New names seem to be emerging all the time…

    • “new names seem to be emerging all the time” — couldn’t have put it better! In the quick Nate Hinton blurb I wrote (linked in story), the forward that SH offered has already narrowed his list to not include SH. This stuff changes by the day.

      I had written off LM months ago. Couldn’t be less surprised.

      I’d have to bounce this off sources, but I thought SH was in better shape with Carey prior to this summer. Can’t force a kid to commit, but I think the iron was hotter here months ago before his stock improved — that is a fairly impressive final list.

      • SHU95

        It is a nice final list, his stock surly has gone up & we wish him well, unless of course he picks Rutgers!…speaking of, i gotta admit they have a nice looking 2018 class taking shape with another solid top 100 commit over the weekend.
        I would like to see SHU get on the board for 2018, but as the staff refocuses on some new targets (while keeping Faint- in my opinion- hopes alive for any of the final 3 remaining ‘Fab Five’) I realize that it may be a while yet. All signs point to a good season upcoming which can only help…

        • They certainly do. While it’s great for fan enthusiasm and positive recruiting press, the product on the floor is all-important. I’ve kept tabs on high-majors at bottom of leagues who get top-150 recruits but fairly often they have second thoughts after watching their future team lose a dozen conference games.

          That statement has nothing to do with Rutgers bias — I’ve seen it at Penn State (they’ve done quite well recruiting Philly-area AAU under Pat Chambers), but it’s tough to gain traction. All that said, you have to start somewhere…

          Side note– Rutgers assistant Bryan Dougher set scoring records for Pikiell at Stony Brook and is from my hometown (won first state title in years at the RAC; I was there). So I have some pro-Rutgers bias setting in!

          • SHU95

            Zegarowski put out a final four which does not include SHU… This situation seemingly changes hourly!

          • Right on queue!

          • Jersey Jerry

            That’s OK Chris, I too have a little Luv for RU because back in ’59 I pledged a frat house @ Rutgers and was 3 days short of making full brother when they found out I was a student at ‘da Hall. Crazy times back then for sure!

    • iratepirate

      Definitely you hit on the brightside. Better this didn’t get dragged out for too long. At this point we have a lot of roster holes that need filling for 2018.

  • VinBick

    So Chris, once again off topic, please list current roster for 2017-18 and your insight into the upcoming season as this new look stacks up against where we were at the end of ’16-’17 season. Then all of the avid fans here can chime in with their thoughts about it. Love the critical thinking that asses our strengths and weaknesses going into a new season. The out of conference games at the Rock will be real tests and should be competitive games for the most part.

    • Ill start with a depth chart:
      PG: Carrington — Walker — Gordon
      2G: Powell — Carrington — Cale — Gordon/Flory
      SF: Desi — Sandro — [Powell/Cale for 3G look]
      PF: Ish — Nzei — Desi — Sandro
      C: Angel — Nzei — Gill/Ish

      PG — Not sure how ready Walker is, so let’s assume KC starts and Walker gets 5-10 MPG, growing based on how well he does.

      2G — Obviously is based off PG, so Powell starts if KC is at PG. If Walker is at PG and/or KC on bench, Cale will eat up those minutes.

      SF — Desi by default, but Sandro is quietly being touted as D-1 ready immediately (SF/stretch 4, think Pat Auda) and a 3-guard look can also come into play here

      PF — Usual suspects. Ish and Mike fight for minutes, Desi/Sandro for smaller look

      C — Havent heard update on Brodie, but I understood it as official that hes going to Montverde. Regardless, Angel close to 40 MPG as possible with Nzei preferred back-up. Gill was originally supposed to redshirt. If he doesn’t, him and Ish in emergency minutes beyond Nzei.

  • Deann61

    The next two years are huge for KW, as well as Shaheen and Grant’s recruiting. We need to build off our recent recruiting successes. There is an abundance of talent in NY/NJ. Carey’s decision stings a little, as I thought as recent as last March we were the front runners. As we look to 2018 we look solid in the backcourt and have some depth. We need some inside scoring, to replace Angel.
    I’m hoping Manuel commits early, and hopefully we can add King or Forrester in 2018.
    2019 again has some great local talents, including Antoine, Dawes, Whitney, Mulcahy, Achiuwa, and Lewis.

    Just would like to see some early wins.

    Looking forward to a Great 2017-2018 season, and hopefully cementing the foundation for years to come.

    Chris, your thoughts and insights would be appreciated

    • Hard to say much about 2019, since that is so highly speculative at this stage.

      In contrast to recent years, seems like the staff is actually in better shape with 2018 forwards than guards, as you noted. Say 0 PGs were signed, Walker + McKnight isn’t bad at all for 2018-19, though an under-the-radar signing like Zegarowski/Anthony Nelson would be a solid supplement.

      King, Forrester, and Manuel top the list as far as realistic top-150s; important to note that King and Naz Reid have not received UK offers — Reid is not out of the picture yet.

      There is so much activity with new targets, but as far as kids who have been monitored for a while now, I think the staff needs 2 of the 4 guys listed above to be highly/universally praised by fans. One of Reid/King would be a bonus.

      With Brodie’s status up in the air and Angel + Ish leaving next summer, need at least two post guys.

  • Edited the story to note that Quinerly decides between Arizona and Villanova tonight.

    • LBP

      JQ went with Arizona– know Nova is disappointed and I held out a real faint hope–

  • Edited story to note that Marcus Zegarowski has eliminated SH:

  • Edited story to note that Marcus Zegarowski has eliminated SH

  • Sounds like Ignas Brazdeikis is looking elsewhere. Had heard this from someone else too

    SH not one of 7 schools recruiting him hardest::

  • Matt

    I feel like we are losing on the recruiting front? I thought we would have some momentum with recruits in the top 100 range. I guess we will wait and see

    • Perception. One can argue that SH is in best shape with forwards than it has been in a long time…

      All about closing the deal, though.

  • Staff offered another wing over the weekend:

  • VinBick

    OK, how about projecting the Hall’s record in the out of conference section of the schedule. One loss in the Blue Grass State and one other, but that should be it.
    Any other contributors want to predict the number of wins before Big East games?

    • RonD

      2 losses.

  • SHU95

    Looks like we can Add Naz Reid to the list… Says he is down to Arizona & LSU.

  • SHU95

    Seems like SHU target Anthony Nelson is getting a Ton of high interest though none of the recruiting sites have clued in…

  • LBP

    Have been “hearing” ,from a number of “insiders”, that T. Thompson wants out of Cuse and wants SHU but Coach B is putting up big resistance. Issue will probably be resolved within next 2 weeks–would be a huge get. Also”heard” things are not dire with King.
    Know this Staff is working very hard.

    • Have heard this for a bit too, and not sure what to think. 9.2 ppg, 3.8 rpg as a freshman. Would have to sit out a year, of course, so he’s not exactly a stop-gap for Delgado unless he were to transfer very soon or before spring semester (meaning he’d be eligible next December)

      There is obvious “baggage” if you remember his recruitment — don’t necessary mean that about Thompson himself.

  • Bob Murphy

    Truthfully, if SHU was not #1 or a strong #2 with these kids, they are doing our staff a favor. This way, they can spend their time with the kids who actually have strong interest in the school rather than chasing the 1 in 100 shot. Better to be realistic and build a team that way.