Seton Hall Media Day roundup

I wasn’t able to attend Seton Hall Media Day in South Orange today due to being locked up in my office, but here’s a roundup of what went down in Walsh Gym.

The biggest question everyone is thinking of going into this season:

Looks like Willard is sticking with the party line of last year’s downfall stemming from outside the program:

Regarding how well Seton Hall’s self-imposed Twitter silence has worked:


As for what type of rotation Willard is flirting with, think three guards and nine or ten deep:

Freshman wing Veer Singh has received a lot of pre-season hype so far:

As for graduate transfer Derrick Gordon, who attracts a ton of media attention since becoming the first openly gay player in D-I men’s hoops:

Make sure you check out Jerry’s story on Derrick Gordon too: For Seton Hall’s Derrick Gordon, a challenging balance

Now, time to discuss! If you have any further questions, shoot them my way in the comments section.