Seton Hall finalists for transfers Luther Muhammad, Jamarius Burton

Wendell Cruz/FinishFirstPhotos

Hours after landing a big fish in Harvard guard Bryce Aiken, Seton Hall turns to its next series of recruiting battles with Luther Muhammad and Jamarius Burton set to decide early this week.

There’s no time to catch your breath in early off-season transfer recruiting when it overlaps the final stretch of 2020 class decisions.

And with the N.C.A.A. apparently set to rule on allowing all transfers to be eligible as a one-time deal this off-season, things could get even more interesting.

Now with 11 scholarship players on board and one docked for 2020-21 due to recruiting violations, Seton Hall has one to give.

With all 11 scholarship players currently set to be eligible next year, a sit-out transfer would hypothetically mesh well with scholarship distribution, but another seasoned graduate transfer appears better for the short-term.

There’s also 2021 forward Adam Sanogo (Patrick School, N.J.), who is heavily flirting with re-classifying to 2020 and has Seton Hall near the top of his list — clearly the staff is juggling multiple options. point man Jay Gomes took a deep dive into Sanogo’s game and projection at the next level as a 2020 recruit.

But in equally big news, a pair of sophomore transfers have Seton Hall on their final lists and will decide early this week.

A familiar name is sit-out option Luther Muhammad (7p, 2.3r, 1.3a, 34-98 3PT), a Jersey product that played two-guard at Ohio State and is leaving after two decent years despite starting 28 times last year.

Down to five schools, Muhammad will decide on Tuesday between Seton Hall, Arizona State, UCLA, New Mexico, and West Virginia. 

The Pirates were involved with Muhammad late in his top-100 recruitment out of high school and appear to be the school he’s most familiar with historically, although he was recruited by Shaheen Holloway originally.

Seton Hall is also a finalist for Wichita State’s Jamarius Burton (10.3p, 3.5r, 3.4a), who could stir the tea leaves on Monday prior to Muhammad’s announcement given the Hall’s scholarship count. 


Certainly more of a ball-handler as seen in his eight 5+ assist games this past season as a sophomore, Burton also has to sit out but would potentially replace Aiken as a lead guard in 2021-22 as a Quincy McKnight-type acquisition. But again, there’s a few variables with how that would work out.

If Burton is immediately eligible, there’s not a ton of minutes unless he replaced Anthony Nelson scholarship-wise — or else he’d be splitting time with Nelson and freshman Jahari Long at point guard with Aiken and Myles Cale primarily playing the two.

Shifting back to Muhammad, he’d also be competing at a spot that already has decent depth between Takal Molson, Myles Cale, Shavar Reynolds Jr., and Bryce Aiken if he plays off the ball; long at 6’3, Muhammad is also known for solid defense and seems similar in style to Cale.

Come Wednesday, it appears we’ll know a lot more about Seton Hall’s roster than we do now, but to me Burton seems like the greater need between the two, although Muhammad would be a feel-good homecoming.

Elsewhere, Purdue seven-footer Matt Haarms trimmed Seton Hall from his list, while it appears that Wichita State forward Morris Udeze is focusing on other schools — although you never know based on Burton’s decision.

If you recall, the staff is in early on a potentially underrated junior college big man, Sydney Curry

Curry could potentially be a better long-term option than most big men in the transfer market.

As of now, Seton Hall’s 2020-21 depth chart with one open spot looks like this, with guys like Aiken, Rhoden, and others fluid across several positions.

*-eligible transfer, ^- incoming freshman

Point guard: Aiken*/Nelson/Reynolds/Long^

Two guard: Molson*/Cale/Reynolds

Small forward: Rhoden/Cale/Stevens^

Power forward: Sandro/Samuel/Rhoden

Center: Obiagu/Sandro