Seton Hall to play in 2016 Orlando Classic

This season hasn’t even started yet, but there’s already reason to get excited for 2016-17: Seton Hall will compete in a stacked Orlando Classic.

From the Paradise Jam last season, to the Charleston Classic this year, and now the Orlando Classic, I like the trend of Seton Hall’s non-conference tournaments. Should we brace ourselvesĀ for the Maui Invitational in 2017-18?

On a more serious note, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Miami, Florida and Stanford compose an incredible field. Factor in an Orlando location (not quite the Virgin Islands, but also not Charleston, SC) and this is a very tempting draw for any fan looking for a quick vacation. Even if the Hall were to flop on the court, catching almost any game in this tournament should be worth admission.

It’s way too early to project the strength of the field but judging by names, this should be very, very interesting.

I’m excited.