Rapid Reaction: Seton Hall rides 50 points from Myles Powell, Myles Cale in 78-74 upset at Maryland

COLLEGE PARK — If you thought Seton Hall’s upset of Kentucky at the Garden was impressive, the Pirates did it again in a stellar 78-74 win over Maryland on the road.

Kevin Willard pulled all the right strings to provide Seton Hall a 16-5 advantage to start. From giving Romaro Gill the nod at center, to disruptive 1-3-1 matchup zone looks, to efficient looks on offense, the +11 burst over the opening minutes was exactly what the team needed to build a cushion to work with on the road.

I don’t know if this was the “best” game of Romaro Gill’s (6p, 8r, 4blk) career, but it was certainly the most impactful. I can bet you that Maryland fans who watched Seton Hall for the first time today thought “Wow, that is a really good anchor-man center” — they really cheered when Gill picked up his third foul in the first half, as if he were a star player. Well, Gill starred tonight. His snaring of a rebound with just seconds to play to set up a pair of Myles Powell free throws was symbolic.

Tacking onto the Kevin Willard coached a great game train, his timeout with about 5:30 to play when Maryland had all of the momentum following a put-back dunk was a turning point. Willard would then draw up an inbounds play that saw Powell convert an and-one followed up by a converted one-and-one sequence from Myles Cale.

Speaking of Brothers Myles, Cale and Powell are turning into a big-game tandem. The pair combined for 50 points, seven rebounds and three assists including some clutch play-making down the stretch. We all know what Powell can do at this stage, but it was Cale who stepped up and amazed again. His sequence of two tough, contested shots including a defensive steal that led to a fast break were just as impressive as his efficient barrage of threes.

Put your March plans on hold. If you thought it was a long shot for Seton Hall to get back to the Dance again this season, then you might have to adjust your expectations. Who would of thought the two-year rebuild would include wins over Maryland, Kentucky, and Miami all away from home?

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