Rapid Reaction: Seton Hall battles Kansas to end, comes up short 83-79

WICHITA — Seton Hall and its seniors battled Kansas to the very bitter end, but they ultimately couldn’t turn around a 13-point deficit and came up short, 83-79.

Rapid Reaction

That was easily the most dominant performance I’ve seen in person — Angel Delgado was a monster. Delgado left nothing on the court and put on a show for the record books; it was the third most rebounds in a tournament game since 1973 and the first 20-20 game in the Dance since 2012.

The little things did Seton Hall in tonight. They were a couple of mistakes (20-5 in points off turnovers), loose balls, bounces, and foul calls away from this being a one-possession game down the stretch. I won’t even try to recall everything that transpired — it was beyond hectic — but Kansas had a couple of free throws that rimmed in late on, the 50-50 ball that apparently went off of Myles Cale, and a defensive rebound that Seton Hall dropped out of bounds all accumulated over the closing minutes.

Seton Hall’s three-point barrage came too late. They were 10-of-24 from the perimeter overall, but they started 4-of-17, which put them in that 12-point hole midway through the second half. It’s always hard to dig out of that sort deficit, let alone in a road environment against Kansas. It seemed like Seton Hall played too tight until they fell behind and then they kind of just let loose from three-point land; if only they had played like that earlier.