Providence Quotebook: “I watched that video probably like a thousand times”

NEWARK, N.J. — Seton Hall looked dominant from start to finish in a must-have 73-57 win over Providence that propels the Pirates into fourth place in the Big East.

In the spirit of the Hall effectively putting this game to bed with a few minutes left in the first half, let’s skip directly to a handful of great quotes from Kevin Willard and three players.

Kevin Willard & Player Quotes

Willard on the team’s defensive effort, specifically with Kyron Cartwright: “Yeah, I think the biggest thing is we wanted to try to make it hard early on for Cartwright, try to clog up the lane as much as possible. I thought (Alpha) Diallo played phenomenal. I was really impressed with his game in person, he’s really improved. It makes them hard to guard when he’s playing the way he is, but really, the start of the game was to kind of take away Jalen Lindsey and make it tougher for Kyron.”

Willard on choosing Eron Gordon over Jordan Walker as Carrington’s back-up: “I think the biggest things for me, at those minutes, are — it was tough for Jordan [Walker] — he missed so many opportunities to play against some teams that he could get more minutes and I could get comfortable for him. I just thought Eron Gordon gives us a very calming influence out there, plus his size defensively right now is a little bit better. That was the main reason he played against DePaul — DePaul has no small guards with Eli (Cain) and those guys, (Max) Strus — so it was more or less trying to get him — he’s got a little bit more size and he’s just a little bit more simpler on offense, and that’s something with the minutes those guys are getting, we need.”

On Will Cody, the young man with leukemia who sat on the Pirates on the bench today after doing the same against Providence last year: “Will was here last year, and we decided to bring him back for the Providence game. He’s doing great health-wise. I told Will after the game — I said, ‘If we keep winning, I’m going to fire Fred Hill and you can have his spot,’ — and Fred agreed. He said, ‘as long as we keep winning, I’ll do anything.’ All the guys were excited to have Will back and kind of see how he’s progressed and see that he’s doing well, and I think it’s important for our guys to understand there’s some kids out there — there’s people dealing with some really serious, tough stuff, and being part of the team technically as Will was, it’s a good experience for him and it’s great for our guys. I was glad we were able to do it.”

Angel Delgado on how the last few days have been since setting the rebounding record, and what he’ll do with the ceremonial ball he received tonight:It’s been great, it’s been unbelievably great, I’ve been so happy these last couple of days, you don’t even know. It’s great to see a legend like that [Derrick Coleman] talk to me and to say he’s happy for me for what I did, and that’s unbelievable. I watched that video probably like a thousand times. Seeing all the famous people to be saying stuff like that to me, it’s great. I’m really happy.

“When I move in my house, probably put it only in one room, that’s my kid until I have a kid [laughs].”

Myles Powell on the conversation he had with Willard pre-DePaul about shooting more:He just told me he wants me to shoot the ball. He’s seen me light it up in practice, and he knows I can really shoot. He just said the four [seniors] guys need a three-point shooter and that’s what we’re missing right now.

“He knows that I can do X, Y, Z, but he just wants me to do X right now and that’s shoot. When you have Coach telling you to shoot the ball, it’s kind of hard not to shoot the ball. I started the DePaul game off with a deep, deep three, and I guess that was Coach telling me to shoot in my mind. He told me if I think I can make it, to shoot it. It’s great when your guys have confidence in you, so I guess I’m going to go out there and shoot it.”

Khadeen Carrington on the difference between when he’s feeling it and when he’s having a bad game:I don’t think I’ve had any bad games. If I’m not making shots, I wouldn’t call it a bad game. That’s what a lot of people– everyone is used to seeing me score, so if I don’t score that much, everybody thinks I’ve had a bad game. Some games you don’t hit the shots, tonight I happened to hit shots but I [also] had seven assists … There’s more to it than just scoring.”

On Willard’s move to get the ball out of Carrington’s hand more, as Desi Rodriguez and others have taken the ball up the court over the last two games:That was a good move by Coach [it was made during bye week]. Instead of me just having the ball in my hands the whole game, staying back after misses, like after misses just getting out and try to get some easy baskets. I had a few easy baskets today and I think that’s what got me going.”