Powell’s 26 not enough as Seton Hall clipped at Xavier, 72-70

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Myles Powell scored 26 and Khadeen Carrington missed a game-winning three at the buzzer after a rough night from the field as Seton Hall suffered heartbreak on the road at Xavier on Wednesday night.

Like the Butler game before it, the Hall was neck and neck with the Musketeers coming out of the final media timeout but were ultimately edged over the closing four minutes in a crushing defeat in Cincinnati.

“I thought Myles [Powell] gave us a really good boost and got us going,” said Kevin Willard on AM 570 post-game. “[But] On the road, when you’re up 6, up 5, you’ve got to get a couple stops, but they made some good plays.”

In what has become a patented start, Seton Hall was cold from the floor as soon as they came out of the locker room with a pair of Angel Delgado (13 pts, 13 rebs) elbow jumpers their only source of early points.

Khadeen Carrington (6 pts) and Desi Rodriguez (16 pts, 3 asts, 3 rebs) started an icey 1-of-11 from the field, but Seton Hall was able to withstand their sluggish opening chapter.

Myles Powell (26 pts) and Madison Jones (8 pts, 9 asts, 5 stls, 5 rebs) jump-started the broken down offense after the Hall found themselves trailing 23-16 with 6 to play following a Trevon Bluiett three-pointer; Jones would go on to have what looked like his best game as a Pirate.

“I thought Madison has played the best game he’s played all year,” said Willard. “He really controlled the ball, the offense.”

Seton Hall then about-faced and closed the half on a 16-5 run that featured 10 jaw-dropping points from Powell as the freshman completely took over the game.

Leading 32-28 at the half, Carrington sank to 0-of-8 from the floor including 0-of-7 from three before he finally scored a few minutes in on a fast break, setting the stage for Powell and Jones to once again propel the Pirate ship to clearer waters.

Seton Hall built a 47-41 lead coming out of the under-12 shortly after Powell hit his sixth three-ball, but a quick 7-2 run injected life into a wilting Xavier.

The run was sparked by five Pirates turnovers in six minutes after they coughed it up just once during the first 26 minutes of action, which snowballed in a 16-5 run but this time for the Musketeers.

“[You] just can’t,” rued Willard. “[And] a couple tough ones that led to their lay-ups [too].”

With Carrington sitting for an extended period as it appeared the fingers on his left hand that he dislocated against Butler were still bothering him, Seton Hall managed to scrape out a 9-3 run with the help of Desi Rodriguez that carried into the final media break and knotted the game at 61.

Willard, didn’t confirm that Carrington is suffering from any injury, though.

“I don’t know,” he said about his junior guard’s health. “He’s working hard, he’s playing hard, sometimes the ball just can’t go in the rim.”

The final four minutes — once again — were frantic.

Following a blow-by basket from Carrington, a booth review had to settle a heated tangle up with Seton Hall trailing 69-66 and just two minutes to play.

A sweet Madison Jones kiss off the glass made it 69-68 just seconds before another Carrington basket tied the game at 70.

Playing through a sprained ankle, Trevon Bluiett swiftly answered however with a hooking jumper in the lane for hist 23rd and 24th points with 4 seconds to play that set up a decent off-balance redemption look from Carrington that just missed as time expired.

Seton Hall falls to 13-8 (3-6) and is now looking at a must-win at a surging Georgetown on Saturday.

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  • Lot of generic phrases used by Willard post-game on AM 570. Nothing too specific that would indicate to a neutral what type of loss this was. Harped several times on the fact that they were up a few buckets and couldn’t expand on it (missed FTs, TOs late in 2H)

    • iratepirate

      “Nothing too specific that would indicate to a neutral what type of loss this was.”

      I’m going to go with… season ending one. Funny to end the season in early February. It almost feels like we’ve been here before under Willard.

  • shufaninva
    • iratepirate

      Generally you have to be .500 in conference for the NIT. I feel like you’re shooting pretty high for Willard. OOC is good but maybe not that good.

      • hallstorm

        You only need to be .500 overall. There are teams that have been 8-10 in past Big East years that went dancing.

        • Joe Schmoe

          the NIT is not dancing…its a batch of consolation games…

          • hallstorm

            Ummmm…I am aware of that Joe! I think you didn’t understand what I said. I said “dancing” because I mean dancing: Both Providence and Pittsburgh at 7-9 (in conference) made the NCAA tournament in 1989. Villanova was 18-16 overall that season and 7-9 in conference. It isn’t the only time, either. It’s happened a number of times. Hence, a team with a losing conference record has-and can-make the NCAA’s. It’s the overall body of work that counts.

            You do, However, need to be .500 overall for the NIT.

            That being said, do not think The Hall will get in on the Big East conference strength with a losing in-conference record.

  • Matty P

    If you look at the last 2 games for Carrington he’s 4-30 from the field and 0-15 from 3. In 2 close games you can’t have numbers like that coming from one of your better players and expect to win. I was hoping with a week off the finger would’ve been better but it didn’t look like it tonight. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the answer would be while he’s shooting like this. Do you have him come off the bench and start Powell for the next game?

  • Matty P

    One of the things Willard mentioned early in the first half caught my ear. He told the players that Xavier isn’t playing the 4 while SHU is on offense and I can’t blame Xavier for ignoring Sanogo on the offensive end. I love the effort and hustle plays and everything he’s able to do on the defensive end, but he desperately needs to find those couple spots on the floor that he can consistently hit a jump shot to at least force the other team to look at him. If he can’t find a way to do that the team is going to consistently be playing 4 on 5 on offense.

    • Valentino

      Good to hear that Coach realizes what we have been seeing all season. Teams layoff on our 4 and 5. Good luck trying to get to the rim facing that D.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Tough loss. We just couldn’t get enough offense going. Hopefully we can bounce back on Saturday against G-town.

  • hallball

    FTs, Free Ts, Free Throws!

  • z06

    Don’t have any luck this year,m.jones finally plays a good game first one all year . With 9 to go don’t see to many WINS

  • hallstorm

    Again–we can all blame Williard and I’m not saying it isn’t justifiable to some extent. However, I will say I saw a lot of open looks that didn’t go down last night. And last night wasn’t an outlier. As it’s been noted on here for a while, teams play off Jones and Sonogo (I still don’t know why Jones and Sonogo can’t hit a foul line jumper, but we suck at free throws, so….), but Carrington and Rodriguez have had multiple defenseless attempts from long range. Teams now defend most of the team lightly from deep outside of Powell.

    The other thing that is troubling to me is the urgency/behavior of the team. I’m not sure how to articulate it, but there is no urgency in close games, there is complete disarray during blowout losses and there is too much laughing and joking during blowout wins (specifically I’m thinking DePaul and St. John’s). I’m not questioning the team’s defensive work ethic, but I am questioning their offensive work. The free throws are telling in and of themselves.

    • shufaninva

      Yes we should. Often at times, it looks to me like we are one of those young teams going through growing pains and will learn how to win these games at some point. However, we aren’t young. That’s what upset me about the Marquette loss. It looked like a textbook “veteran team pulls it out” kind of game. But no, we just find a way to lose and look like freshmen.

    • Joe J

      Very true. The players talk about how tough they are but their play shows otherwise. Tough teams find ways to win and this team finds ways to lose. They had zero excuses last night. They were well rested and Xavier was not. Add the Xavier injuries and this was another game SHU choked away

  • Ardy

    What would you expect. The Powell kid scores 18 N THE 1st HALF and starts the 2nd half cooling off on the bench? Nobody plays better D on Powell than KW. That’s not good coaching that’s going thru the motions, NO REAL TIME coaching or it’s POLITICS! You choose. It’s not only obvious to us but to other teams also. They attack immediately! They recognize he does not know what to do with talent. At the time out he told the team to RELAX. No fire, no urgency, He never gave them a strategy on how to WIN THIS IMPORTANT GAME.

    • Ardy

      Powell had them on their heels in the 1st half, and they were let them back in the game. Then they sub Powell back in the game.I have been watching Seton Hall, Powell since the Iowa game. Looks like every time Powell comes in the game the team is behind instead of playing him from the start. He and Madison Jones worked well together last night. The commentators could not believe he was on the bench to start the 2nd half! Glad KW is starting to realize somethings 21 games into the season

  • Joe Schmoe

    At 3-6 in conference is it time to re-think the expectations for the season? 4 of the six losses were winnable games, which is frustrating. This team could just easily be sitting 7-2 in conference as they are at 3-6, which is worlds apart at this point. 5-4 over the next nine does nothing…6-3 sends us to the NIT. 7-2 puts on back on the bubble. I dont think 7-2 to close out the season is feasible at this point. This top ten recruiting class is now 21-24 in Big East play, So glad I got the see last years BEC game live…its starting to seem like that game will be an out-liar bright spot in SHU hoops for awhile.

    • VinBick

      Joe, it is optimistic to believe that this version of the Pirates will win five of the remaining regular season games. None of the upcoming foes will fear the Hall.
      This is an underachieving team that has Willard’s coaching ability front and center for all to see.

      The run at the Garden last March was a thing to behold. I, too, was there to see it live and it was a beautiful experience for all Seton Hall faithful. The N.I.T. may be the only chance for a post-season tournament for the Pirates with a .500 overall record at the conclusion of the BE Tournament.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Does Angel take his stat line from this year and go pro? He’s alluded to it. I feel like ill never see his level of production in a pirate uni anytime soon.

        • PadrePirate

          I don’t think we’ll see Angel in blue next year. NBA seems a long-shot if SHU fades, but the DR team or Europe seem like real possibilities. Other than getting a diploma, I can’t see how he would benefit, career wise, in returning to SHU for a senior year. Maybe if Duvall chose SHU (5% chance), Angel might be tempted to return and make a deep run.

  • fouline

    Is it me or does it seem like we need a “hero” to win a game of make a game interesting. And hear I thought Bball was a team sport.

  • SHU95

    There really is not all that much separating teams 2-9… possibly 10 in this confrence. Villanova is on a different level I think most would agree, but the others are all fairly close which is why the ‘little’ things matter so much. Because we do not execute the fundamentals consistently, our margin for error is so slim. 4 of the six losses we very winnable, if we split those 4, we are sitting at 5-4 & in decent shape… but at 3-6 it’s hard to imagine at this point that SHU will flip a switch and suddenly be more sound and develop a deeper bench. Hope they can turn it around and get back in the hunt… I like these kids, they are generally fun to watch and root for… on to Georgetown.

    • Louie Dee

      I have to agree with you. There is a big lack of fundamentals on this team. I think they need to go back and practice the basics, a lot.

  • hallstorm

    The only thing I don’t want to hear Saturday is that the schedule is really tough….2 games in 4 days is not tough. 3 games in 11 days is not tough. I just want to hear that failure to convert on field goals and free throws is the reason. Nothing else. Not fatigue. Not distractions. The shooting is the eye sore of this team. You can only side-step it for so long. Who’s to blame? Would Rick Pitino or Tom Izzo have this bunch shooting better? I don’t know. There comes a point when everyone is responsible and needs to dig a little deeper to figure this out. It could be Williard, but something tells me the entire complexion of the past 3 weeks would be drastically different if we didn’t start off every game with single digit points at the 8-minute mark of the first half.

    • shufaninva

      Ever if those coaches wouldn’t have the guys playing better, there very much at the least is blame on Willard and the rest of the staff for recruiting not enough, and recruiting too much junk. As good as the big four are, that soph class was a joke, and if the coaches can’t consistently recruit better players, we will never become the program we are hoping to be. Sha is my fav pirate of all time, but he needs to have a better eye for PGs, and if he wants to be a head coach someday, it’s on him to help to get these “point guards” looking the part. With him on the staff, and the role he takes on with recruiting, there is no excuse to not have better PG play.

  • 11yearplan

    First: Lets not take anything any coach says when miked up during a stoppage as coaching. All they say are generic meaningless phrases which won’t tell anyone anything about strategy.

    Second: We are a point guard away and you saw MJ come around nicely last night. He has become better each week and there is every reason to believe he will continue to improve though out the rest of the season. JT is shaking off the rust and will play better as time goes on. As they improve the opening tip droughts will stop and the shots will drop.

    Third: It can take longer than a week for a dislocated finger to heal to the point that a shooter’s fine motor skills come back. Deno’s shots will fall as the healing progresses.

    Last night was a step forward. If they take another step, they take G-town. Believe it.

    • Ardy

      Let’s be real. This is why this continues.Are you saying that if the coach has a mike on, all he can give the team meaningless information,and not inspire a desire to win? Are these the same dislocated fingers that Deno played the 2nd half of the Butler game when Powell sat a prolonged period on the bench with no injury to his shooting hand?
      Personal or Politics, Paper or Plastic?