OFFICIAL: Angel Delgado to engage in NBA Draft process without agent

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In a follow-up to last week’s report that Angel Delgado will test the NBA Draft waters along with Khadeen Carrington, the Seton Hall forward has made it official.

Since the original report indicated that Angel will not hire an agent, nothing much has changed here since an agent binds a college player to the process, immediately ending their amateur status.

Flying under the radar of all mock drafts, Delgado’s decision is a no-brainer in which he will attempt to snare — like offensive rebounds — professional advice and perhaps a few workouts with NBA franchises over the next two months.

May 14th marks the end of the NBA Draft Combine, which means Delgado will officially have until May 24th to withdraw his name from the Draft in order to retain his final year of eligibility. 

If he stays — which is the more likely outcome — it will be interesting to see at what point he does withdraw his name and whether or not an invite to the Combine is forthcoming for the All-American honorable mention.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Not surprised by this. I think Angel will be back. I’m not concerned.

  • Will be interesting to see what workouts Angel can get and if he will be invited to the Combine. If he’s not invited, that almost surely ends the NBA route.

    • LBP

      Agree Chris– your comments on Angel as Honorable Mention–frankly , I think it is a slight–not only to Angel but the Big East–kid had a truly monster year and no better representative of College BBall can be found– theseAll-American Teams based upon Pro potential as opposed to contribution to the College Game

      • Full teams are below in this comment. Who do you think he should be above? 3rd team is best-case. If there was a fourth team, he should be on that. There were a few dozen honorable mentions, so it’s tough to say whether he was toward the top of that list or bottom. He should be just on the cusp of All-America, in my opinion.

        FIRST TEAM
        Frank Mason III, Kansas
        Josh Hart, Villanova
        Lonzo Ball, UCLA
        Justin Jackson, North Carolina
        Caleb Swanigan, Purdue
        Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga
        Dillon Brooks, Oregon
        Johnathan Motley, Baylor
        Luke Kennard, Duke
        Malik Monk, Kentucky
        THIRD TEAM
        Josh Jackson, Kansas
        Markelle Fultz, Washington
        Lauri Markkanen, Arizona
        Bonzie Colson, Notre Dame
        Ethan Happ, Wisconsin

        • hallstorm

          Honestly, I think Angel had a better season than Ethan Happ and I would put Colson on the second team and leave either Motley or Happ off to put Angel on. I think it’s a pretty good argument.

        • LBP

          Any of the 3rd Team Guys– and Jalen Brunson deserved at least 3rd Team also( and I hate the MildCats)

    • DougFlynn

      I saw Angel as #54 in a mock draft – I think it was on CBS – last week. That, surprisingly, would put him late second round. Now, who knows how valid that is – and as I have posted before, I can’t see him getting drafted, but… it only takes one.

      A point Chris made a couple of weeks back when the Rothstein story broke is – how does this effect our recruiting? Certainly for one and dones, this uncertainty can’t be positive. For recruiting another big man, probably is positive.

  • SHU95

    I watched TD discuss his plans yet again today… He said he is hoping to decide in April, but will push it as long as needed based on who stays & leaves at the prospective schools. He also reiterated that he is going to School & Not overseas. As always, said nice things about everyone including SHU and his visit during BET. Delgado staying is a must for us to have any shot… Hope he finds out what he needs & comes back. Does the fact that he is testing the NBA waters take the overseas thing off the table?

    • Joe Schmoe

      Im looking at it like when Hazell tested the NBA waters after his junior year. Overseas play will always be there.

      • SHU95

        Seems logical, let’s hope!

      • hallstorm

        Well, that’s the thing. Overseas money isn’t going to be a difference whether he’s 21 or 22 going into his pro career.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Also, I think Trevon Duval would want to play for SHU with a legit, experienced big man inside like Angel. No Angel, no Duval. Trevon has to sign by May 16th I believe.

      • SHU95

        Agree 100%

      • May 17th is signing deadline, but signing is far from mandatory.

    • Jerry Carino indicated in his brief story on this that testing NBA waters means less chance of overseas. I’m not sure I follow that logic, as getting more exposure should only help overseas stock.

  • shufaninva

    Am I crazy or did they not change the rule last year and allow these guys to hire an agent and keep amateur status as long as they cut ties with the agent if they returned to school?

    • Matty P

      The rule did change last year, but it was around allowing students to enter into the NBA draft without an agent and still maintain amateur status. Once an agent is hired they lose their amateur status. Personally I think it was a good rule change since it allows the students to get information from NBA individuals instead of agents who could cloudy the water due to motivations in money.

  • Andrew Herbst

    O/T: I hear we are in the top 6 for Roberts Blumbergs a 6-9 PF from Latvia. He’s a great shooter and would be a perfect fit for us.

    • hallstorm

      I’ve never even heard of this guy, but you’re right according to I wonder how similar he is to Sandro Mamukelashvili.

      • Andrew Herbst

        It seems like their games are pretty similar

    • SHU95

      I saw him mentioned a few months back and then not again until I read your post. Glad to hear he is still in the mix…we could use him.

      Tonight is the McDonalds All-American game for anyone interested in giving it a look, it’s on ESPN @ 7:00

      • Andrew Herbst

        Thanks. I’m going to check it out

      • DougFlynn

        The McDonalds game looked a lot like the NBA all star game… For me, difficult to watch. I must be getting old… At some point, someone please play a little defense.

        • Rich Ricci

          Not only was it hard to watch, but it makes evaluating the players just about impossible. The numbers put up in All-Star events don’t mean much since they’re played as if they were exhibitions more than meaningful, hotly contested games, so they’re barely a step up from WWF Heavyweight Wrestling.

          However, it’s no different than any professional All-Star Game in all sports where winning takes a back seat to national exposure or the prestige from being a part of it. It seems that the players view these games as an opportunity to have some fun, make a few contacts, showboat whenever possible and, above all, don’t get hurt, so you really can’t blame them for that.

    • Thanks for posting. Must have missed this during the season — Haralds Karlis is certainly a connection here.

      Visited Grand Canyon + Creighton officially this week. Here is a February article:

  • Andrew Herbst

    Duvall looks great.

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