New Journey In New Jersey For Braeden Anderson – Hoops Hype Canada

“I should have died, at best been a paraplegic. It was an absolutely¬†insane accident and I have no problems with people knowing it…” Read More

A must-read story on Braeden Anderson’s journey from high school hoops to Seton Hall.

Notable points:

  • Braeden spoke with Seton Hall’s Dean of Law, presumably Pat Hobbs, about his decision. Hobbs is at most home games and hired Kevin Willard as an interim AD, so it’s interesting that he played a role in this.
  • After the car accident, Braeden earned a 4.0 GPA the following semester — that’s remarkable. He’s graduating ahead of schedule this spring with a 3.6 GPA and a degree in Forensic Behavioral Science.
  • ¬†Gene Caragee, the same orthopedic surgeon who has worked on Peyton Manning, operated on Braeden after the accident. It was officially deemed a displacement of the C-5 through C-6 vertebrae, which are in the neck.

Source: New Journey In New Jersey For Braeden Anderson – Canadian Basketball News