Myles Powell steals show as Seton Hall downs Iowa 91-83 on road

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A trio of 20-point games from Khadeen Carrington (20 pts, 3 asts), Desi Rodriguez (25 pts, 9 rebs) and freshman Myles Powell (26 pts, 2 stls) saw Seton Hall past Iowa 91-83 on the road in a respect-earning Gavitt Games victory.

You can say you’re surprised, but you really shouldn’t be.

If you watched Seton Hall’s first two games, Myles Powell’s coming out party on Thursday night in Iowa City isn’t shocking.

The freshman from Trenton torched the Hawkeye nets for 26 points on 5-of-7 shooting from long range to propel a foul-riddled team to the finish line in an impressive road win for Kevin Willard’s team.

In Seton Hall’s two games prior to Iowa, Powell did step up during two key sequences to stem the tide and seal victories for good, albeit in low-pressure scenarios.

With Seton Hall hobbling due to foul trouble and Angel Delgado (9 pts, 11 rebs) battling through an ankle injury, Powell emerged in the first half but really shined bright down the stretch.

A slow offensive start to the game from Seton Hall was a precursor of what was to come during the first half.

Iowa enjoyed a 9-3 handicap at the first media timeout prior to Khadeen Carrington answering with a couple big baskets that sparked a flowing run of play from both schools.

An 18-9 surge from Seton Hall gave them a 28-24 advantage prior to Madison Jones (5 pts, 4 asts) missing the front-end of his free throws that preluded a really sloppy sequence of play.

Angel Delgado was a non-factor in the first half, joining Ismael Sanogo (4 pts, 3 rebs) and Jones on the bench with foul trouble that set up opportunities from the supporting cast to step up.

And that they did.

Powell broke out with 14 first-half points including a trio of three-pointers while Veer Singh, Rashed Anthony and Eron Gordon all logged important minutes before the break.

With just two assists and a free throw percentage below 60-percent, Seton Hall should have been content with a 44-42 halftime deficit that was followed up by a slow start to the second period from Iowa.

Desi Rodriguez was the the first Pirate to help Carrington and Powell in the second half by scoring in a multitude of ways plus grabbing key defensive boards.

Seton Hall was able to establish a two-basket lead mid-way through the second half despite Iowa freshman forward Tyler Cook (24 pts) and wing Peter Jok (30 pts, 11 rebs) carrying the Big Ten school.

The two teams kept jostling before Myles Powell scored eight-straight points to put Seton Hall up 85-75 with two minutes to play, essentially sealing the game. Powell’s impact wasn’t just in the scoring column: he listened to Willard’s plea to force turnovers and did just that at least four times tonight.

A guy who deferred all credit to his teammates on Sunday in his first collegiate interview, Powell shouldered the load like a senior in a clutch environment tonight.

In typical freshman fashion, it appeared that the moment didn’t even fully hit Myles until he started grinning from ear-to-ear as Seton Hall set up for the post-game handshake line, nine-point victors and headed to the Advocare Invitational a perfect 3-0.

  • LBP

    Big Win–real tuff to win in Iowa City–I like the intensity of this Team–ALOT–
    Can not wait to add JThomas– Fishjam and I have been high on Myles but he is even better than I thought

  • Andrew Herbst

    Great win. Love how Khadeem and Desi stepped up. Myles is so much fun to watch. Unbelievable for a freshman. I can’t to see how he further develops. Can’t wait for our next game against Florida on Thanksgiving. GO PIRATES

  • Brendan McCormick

    Great Win Tonight. 3 things that stood out to me
    1. Love the Throwback Unis
    2. Cant help but to imagine a Whitehead, Carrington, Powell back court. Happy to see Whitehead getting some minutes in the NBA but would have been incredible having those 3 together.
    3. Free Throw Shooting must improve. Lucky it didn’t come back to hurt us in the end but would still like to see them make a higher percentage from the Charity Stripe.
    Can’t Wait for Thursday!
    Roll Hall!

  • Matty P

    Nice job by the team tonight to get a good win on the road against a major conference team. I’ve been really enjoying the fact that it appears we have 4 very capable scorers in Delgado, Carrington, Desi, and Powell. It makes it that much more difficult when a team can’t key on stopping one player and if one guy, such as Delgado tonight, is off a little there’s other guys to pick up for him.

    As others mentioned we need to do a better job with free throw shooting. Not sure if it’s something in the water in Iowa, but to see Delgado go 5-6 and Carrington go 1-6 is a complete reversal of their normal averages.

  • Fishjam

    1) Myles Powell, WOW! – The offensive outburst was incredible but didn’t surprise me, his defense did though! He harassed Iowa’s PG, especially in the 2nd half with numerous deflections, tight D and 2 or 3 outright steals that led to easy layups. Love this kid’s demeanor on the court….plays hard and aggressive yet is clearly having fun out there and is enjoying every minute of it.

    2) Angel and Ish are clearly hobbled out there, need them back at 100% for the tough Florida, Gonzaga, Miami/Stanford gauntlet next week in a 4-day period. Disapointed that Nzei, Veer and Carter haven’t used the opportunity to step up. Willard gave Rashed 12 minutes rather than play Carter which speaks volumes.

    3) Desi took over in the 2nd half scoring at all 3 levels and grabbed 9 rebounds as we went with a small lineup a lot due to foul troubles. He’s been versatile and helping in any way the team needs which is great. 25 pts, 9 rebs and 3 steals

    4) Khadeen with a very gutsy performance. With MJ in foul trouble, forced to play PG vs the press AND try to guard Jok who couldn’t miss. On top of that and his 37 minutes, his outside shot was off so he constantly had to attack the basket for offense. Too many games like today will wear him out like last year although things should improve when JT is eligible

    5) Angel gutted it out in 2nd half at clearly less than 80% but got big rebounds and hit clutch FTs to seal it….11 boards and 5-6 FTs

    6) KC and Desi a combined 6 of 16 from the Line, suppossed to be 2 of our best FT shooters

    7) Good resume win, road win over Big 10 team in Top 100 RPI

    8) Willard needs to get the team adjusted to the new way refs are calling games. We thrive on defensive pressure but can’t afford the foul trouble we had tonight. 3 key players had 4 fould early in 2nd half.

    9) Trevon Duval gave shout out to his boy Myles P for the big game…..the best HS PG in the nation is watching SH games and has us in top 5

    • Good assessment here…

    • PadrePirate

      Yes, what’s up with Myles Carter? Clearly, KW doesn’t trust him, even in a game when Angel, Ish, and Nzei were in foul trouble and not 100% physically.

      We really need a 4th big off the bench to give quality minutes in these types of situations…Veer plays like a wing, so that leaves Rasheed and Carter.

      • LBP

        I do not get the Myles Carter avoidance– I read he had a great summer in Italy ( his stats were good) and at the least he has 5 fouls to effectively give as opposed to Anthony

        • PadrePirate

          Giving MC decent minutes now could pay off down the stretch. You gotta expect an injury to Angel, Ish or Nzei at some point. Can’t afford to have Myles rust away on the pine. Having not seen him once this year, I can’t imagine what the problem is.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Comment on your #8… I think the difference is the way Big East refs call games vs other leagues. SHU is from the Big East on the road…i feel like a lot of those calls and foul trouble were of the “home court advantage” variety. The Big East season is going to be more of the same where this team thrives. Glad to see them persevere and close out last night. Myles Powell with confidence could be dangerous in conference play….

      • Fishjam

        That’s definitely a factor but there is a NCAA-wide mandate to strictly enforce “freedom of movement” fouls. I haven’t seen an explanation anywhere but I’ve heard it referred to by many people. Anyone have a link to anything official?

  • LBP

    Really like the moxie( I am old and entitled to use this term) of this Team. Actually , I think the Hall is better without IW–and this is no dis ( I can reference newer terms) of IW or what he meant to this program.

    • Matty P

      Just wondering, but where is the connection between Powell and Duval? It’s great though that he’s watching the game and was tweeting about Powell.

  • PadrePirate

    And, btw, our FT and FG % are almost equal…

    • hallstorm

      Ummm yeah. Thats frightening.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Its still early….lol. we hope

  • Joe Schmoe

    If Myles Powell can maintain this level of efficiency, he’ll single handedly replace IWs producion. Through his 1st three college games, hes got an average of 15.3 PPG in about 23 MPG… Shooting over 50% FG%….

  • hallstorm

    Really great game played by our boys in a hostile environment. They showed amazing composure and never seemed to wilt under pressure.

    The biggest thing that stood out to me was Williard’s preparation. It seems like it’s done a complete 180 since the end of ’14. I’m thoroughly impressed with the ability to be able to recognize and break down the 1-3-1 and 2-3 zones when Iowa shifted into them. That is a huge step forward. Our one-on-one offense is good and I really liked the screen and rolls (even if they aren’t going toward the hoop. I think that was more indicative of Delgado and Ish playing at less than 100%).

    I also loved all the points in the paint. We only shot the 3 when they gave it to us (Powell shot some long ones, but he’s proving they aren’t out of his range). Dribble drive penetration was very good. It seems like we aren’t just weaving anymore and we have many more set plays.

    One thing I would like to see more of is interior passing. Once a guy breaks his player down, as the opposing team rotates to help, we should also rotate down and look to find the open player. That and the free throw shooting are the only two criticisms I have from last night.

    Desi rebounded from an awful first half to produce a very needed and effective second half. I loved the Delgado dish to him as he was streaking to the hoop from the weak side baseline!

  • ScarletPirate

    Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but Powell reminds me of Dehere a little.

  • VinBick

    Could not find this article and comments until this morning. Was worried about Chris. Ledger continues to ignore the Hall.

    Under three minutes to play, Carrington threw up a long range brick early in the shot clock and missed two free throws near the end, too. Other than that, the kid is blazing through games. Desi was on the top of his game throughout the second half. Miles does not play like a freshman. He should be getting lots of minutes with his complete game skills. Jones looks well-suited for his role at point and tough “D”.

    Bigs are doing fairly well, but Angel’s health will have impact in the next stretch of games.
    He must be at the top of his game against the foes coming up next.

    This team showed a lot of gutsy, determination on Thursday night in a brutal arena for visitors. Iowa had been 36-1 at home before the Pirates hit the beach in the middle of the Continent.

    • Are you sure? I didn’t change anything over the weekend — I believe I fixed the issue immediately regarding articles not appearing after the FDU game. Just checked via anonymous Chrome browser and it shows on the main page.

      Please use the contact page immediately in future, even if you suspect something is wrong. I’ve updated the contact page so I will be alerted ASAP

      • Matty P

        Hi Chris. Just to confirm VinBrick’s mention about the site, I also had some trouble on Fri/Sat where it was showing the article about Eastern and previous comments not related to the most recent article. As mentioned I sent you an email via your contact page when I noticed the issue.

        Everything seems to be working good since at least yesterday or Sunday. Thanks again for everything you do maintaining this site and publishing articles.

  • ThePirateFan

    Our upper classmen really look like upper classmen. Big jumps forward from KC, AD, DR, and IS compared to last year. They’re very calm, they pulled the ball out after offensive rebounds several times. They really are showing the smarts you want to see (but don’t always see) from upper classmen. I’m still concerned about KC and DR propensity for going left because the big East already know and you have to have multiple tricks to beat teams 2x in the league, but their smarts are making up for it.

  • fouline

    The best sign of all for this team is that they are all playing with a lot… a whole lot of confidence. Great game!

  • shufaninva

    Desi really looks mature and more composed than I’ve ever seen him. Let’s hope that keeps up.

    • VinBick

      Desi will be key to winning many games this season. He quietly gets open along the baseline time and time again when teams are concerned with stopping Angel.

    • LBP

      Saw polls with Nova #2; Xavier 8; and Creighton 12–also guess Hoyas can come in from the ledge with big win v. #13 Oregon.
      Hall beats Florida and no way can it be kept from top 25–oh ,who cares? Just want the Hall to pound Gators

      • Matty P

        A win vs the Gators could really strengthen the team’s OOC schedule. It would likely mean we avoid Quinnipiac and could set the team up for top 100 opponents throughout the tournament. Also, with a win they likely get a second opportunity against Gonzaga which would be nice, although I’m not sure there’s anyone to keep Karnowski from having a big game.

        • LBP

          Matty P–
          The Hall has 4 Guys that can score and I will take our chances v. anyone this year

          • Matty P

            Agreed, I like our chances better this year with a more experienced roster and better scoring balance. My concern is more that Delgado has had trouble handling skilled centers who are bigger than him (i.e. Ocefu). If they get past Florida it will be a great early season test and give the coaching staff an idea of where this team stands against other quality opponents. As long as they don’t end up getting Quinnapiac and Indiana State this will be a challenging weekend that should really boost the OOC schedule and help with seeding come tournament time.

          • PadrePirate

            Winning that first game is key, to make for a good tournament, regardless of what happens after. If we lose the first game vs Florida, we better win out.

      • Fishjam

        ESPN has Nova, X and Creighton in the Top 10 and Seton Hall at #24

  • Andrew Herbst

    Great article about Powell in Asbury Park Press

  • PadrePirate

    Zeek Update–Anyone been following Isaiah lately? He’s been getting good minutes since Lin’s injury. Not exactly tearing it up, but holding his own as a rookie in the NBA. Seems to have gotten his TO’s under control but shooting has been sub-par. At any rate, he’s getting good experience there that he wouldn’t be getting in D-league.

    I wonder who will be the odd-man-out at PG when Lin comes back? Y. Ferrell has had some decent nights too. Vasquez hasn’t been playing for some reason.

    • Matty P

      As mentioned above Vasquez got cut about 2 weeks ago which prompted the Nets bringing up Ferrell. Thanks to the injury to Lin it’s been a rotation of Whitehead, Ferrell, and Randy Foye (if you talk to most fans who watch the games they’ve been hoping the team will cut Foye and give the minutes to Whitehead and Ferrell). Once Lin does come back it should be Whitehead that’s his backup, but will probably still give some mins to Ferrell since the Nets coaches don’t seem to want to play anyone more than ~25 mins a game.

      Overall Whitehead has been playing well considering that many expected him to be spending more time in the D-League this season so that he could get playing time/experience as a PG. As you mentioned he’s done a much better job cutting down on the turnovers. His shot hasn’t been falling, but much like his time at SHU he’s been doing a nice job of getting to the rim and converting (only shooting 35% FG% and 14% 3P%).

  • Ronald DeCicco

    Vasquez was cut. IW is he back up point guard when Lin returns. In he meantime, he starts.

  • Matty P

    Georgetown’s really been a mystery the past couple seasons. Not really sure what their issue is since they always seem to haul in a decent recruiting class. They go and lose to AR State, then beat #13 Oregon, and then struggle against Wisconsin.

    Tonight against Wisconsin was a story of two different halfs for them. They were only down 3 at the half and ended up losing the game by 16. They looked like they completely gave up with ~5 mins to go. One glaring thing that the announcer mentioned was that he’s never seen a team not get one legitimate offensive rebound during a game and that their only one came from a ball going out of bounds. It was also surprising how badly they lost the rebounding edge to Wisconsin (50-20).

    • LBP

      GTown has too much talent to get out-rebounded by that margin– I do believe Coaching has already lost them 2 Games–shame cause Big East could use a strong GTown prescence

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