Myles Powell, Sanogo front and center in Seton Hall’s 74-61 win over Georgetown

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NEWARK, N.J. — The timeless sporting proverb which says the best offense is a good defense rang true as Myles Powell proved his worth on both ends of the court in a 74-61 Seton Hall win over Georgetown.

Despite battling the flu over the last week or two, Powell (19p, 5r, 6 stls, 2a) admitted that both his head coach and his teammates have recently gotten on him for a lull in form that featured back-to-back single digit scoring totals.

With the flu now defeated via ample rest and medicine, Myles made Georgetown his next victim.

“I was just getting over my sickness,” said Powell of his recent struggles.

“As I’ve been saying all year, my four seniors came to me and have been telling me shoot the ball — they didn’t like my performance at Marquette, they said I haven’t been bringing my same energy. So today I tried to bring the energy on the offensive and the defensive end and it worked.”

Amidst a controlling start from Georgetown that featured dominant play on the glass, Powell was the key to jump-starting his team’s play on both ends of the court.

The Trenton native teamed up with Desi Rodriguez (19p, 5r) to string together a 9-0 run that gave Seton Hall their first lead at 30-26 since it was 2-0, and Powell converted on a trio of steal-and-slams in the first half which encapsulated the entire 40 minutes.

“The coaches and the players said I’m the fuel to the fire,” recalled Powell of the constructive criticism he received. “They need me to keep going. They fuel off my energy. If that’s what they need, that’s what I’m going to continue to do.

“Coach [Willard] has been telling me that he needs me to bring energy and get back on defense and that I’ve been lacking [defensively] and haven’t been rebounding much. So today I came in wanting to rebound and be great on the defensive end and it helped with my offense.”

Disregarding Georgetown’s turnover-prone nature, Powell’s defensive display which featured six steals and two blocks was historically significant: it set a new career high and came just short of a single-game record which was set by Paul Gause (8) and tied by Fuquan Edwin a pair of times.

When Myles [Powell] plays with this enthusiasm, it’s infectious,” said Kevin Willard of his shooting guard. “He played with great energy and ran the floor much better than he has one the road the last two games. When he plays this way, we’re a much better basketball team.”

Not to be forgotten, Seton Hall’s usual defensive stalwart — Ish Sanogo — also made a similar impact today.

Following a surprising 14-point outburst at Marquette which saw two rare threes go through the net, Sanogo (8p, 5r, 3blks, 1stl) padded all areas of the statsheet with his influence on the game most apparent when he subbed in a pair of times in the first half.

Trailing 12-3 early, Sanogo checked in for Mike Nzei and Seton Hall instantly made a run.

Later in the half, Sanogo entered play at the under-four and his guys pitched a 10-0 shutout to close the period.

“I think Ish has gotten back to being extremely focused on being the defensive player that made him so good his sophomore year. When I watch him play, it’s amazing the impact he has on the game defensively.”

Maybe it’s time to go back to starting the senior forward.

“He’s the best defender in the country,” proclaimed Powell of his defensive counterpart on the day. “When he’s stopping other people on the defensive end and helping us on the offensive end — there’s nothing you can say. He does everything. I have nothing except great things to say about Ish.”

  • LBP

    Talent won this Game– DelGado should be mentioned with Ish and MPowell–Deeno has to pick it up this week . After the first 5 minutes Team played hard to the Half. As usual, the Hall takes foot off the pedal and goes through the motions in 2nd Half
    BTW nice job Chris

    • Matt

      Though Carrington did not score much today, you have to give credit to the kid. One turnover and he is playing out of position. I will take nine points if it means he’s not turning the ball over. Kid is a team player.

      • LBP

        Yes he is Matt but we are so much better when he sets his feet to score – his form has gotten sloppy last 2 Games

        • RonD

          Khadeen also had 6 assists.

  • Matt

    Nice to see Sanogo contributing offensively over the past few games. Looks like he is getting more comfortable taking that outside shot. I remember them saying before last year that his shooting has gotten better. We have never really seen it up until now because he never shoots the ball. Keep shooting Ish!

    • Ots

      Careful what you wish for…

      • Matt

        Gotta shoot to score. Hasn’t even tried to shoot until last week and he’s been successful. I’ll take the additional scoring option even if it’s only six points per game.

        • Ots

          True….but on this team we don’t need him to be shooting. I double his long-term field goal percentage will match the past two games.

        • PadrePirate

          Sure it will open up things a little bit, if he can hit a couple elbow jumpers during a game. But that’s really not his role. We have plenty of scorers and MP is not getting enough touches as it is. He needs to keep his eyes open when AD is doubled. But what we really need from Ish is to crash the boards and play scrappy D. I personally don’t want him taking any more 3’s. We went through that with Mobley who imagined he was a wing. We got beat badly on the boards last night. Ish’s place is in the paint, IMO

          • cali jack

            Agree.Good to see a couple 3 pointers made but don’t push your luck.His scoring opportunities are put backs,bunnies down low off AD double teams and at most a couple 5-10 foot jumpers if he’s hot.We need his defensive rebounding down low.I’d also like to see DR down low more often as opposed to being on the perimeter handling the ball..He can prepare for the pros after the season.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Loved Myles P and Ish’s defensive intensity today. I like how Ish has been shooting lately. Adds another dimension to our offense. Nice to have another option to go to.

  • PadrePirate

    Doesn’t mean much, but we actually dropped a spot in KenPom after today’s win. I was glad to see our bigs hold their own against Govan and Derrickson. We got beat on the defensive boards for a third game in a row, but the defensive intensity won the game. I’d rather see Ish start over Nzei, since he seems to have stepped up his game.
    Xavier blew out Creighton, so you can bet the Jays will be hungry.

  • cali jack

    Typical ugly Seton Hall-Georgetown game.Our Big 4 was too much for their Big 2.Sanogo/Powell defense was terrific.So was DR offense.Need to find a way to split the Creighton/Xavier games.

    • Joe Schmoe

      With all due respect, need to find a way to win both games.

      • cali jack

        That would be great but we’re playing two top 25 teams.One on the road who’s just been trounced on the road themselves.Lets see what happens at Creighton.

        • Joe Schmoe

          If this team is playing for seeding, like KW has stated, they need to win @creighton and also beat Xavier at home this week. They took their “off night” at Marquette last week.

          • PadrePirate

            I think we’re lucky if we pull off a split, like Jack says. Creighton is a tough place to play, and their going to be fired up against us. I’d say odds are against us on that one. A win over Xav at home is almost a must. If we can take 2 out of 4 from Xav and Nova, that would look really good on the March resume. If we drop 3 or 4, we look like just another bubble, 11 seed type team.

          • 2003Pirate

            Every single game is important. Looking ahead only one game at a time. Like a another poster had said. They took an off night last week at Marquette. Need to get a solid W on the road at Creighton. We are better then they are. We also need to keep pace with Nova. They are not likely to drop a game until we play them in Philly in a couple of weeks.

    • VinBick

      Two very tough games next, but the Hall is capable of winning both games. The team got great guidence from P. J. on Friday. The march to March Madness success starts now, not in late February or early March. Each game now is vital to building to peak performance in the Big Dance.

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  • Bob Murphy

    A couple of longer term points after Saturdays win.

    Desi and Myles Powell both will have an opportunity to play in US after their SHU days. I believe both will be drafted, and think that with a strong second half and some games in the NCAAs, Desi could be a 1st round pick. He looks more like a pro body-type and his shot has improved. Myles is simply the most talented guy on this team. He’s a little bit of a tweener for the pros – at 6’2″, he may not be tall enough for shooting guard, but he is a big time player, and from what I saw Saturday, completely gets it. He was greeting people in the crowd before and after the game. Khadeen is the unsung hero of this team. He gives up a lot of his game to make the team better and put other guys in position. If this team goes anywhere this season, it is due to his sacrifice and leadership. And Angel Delgado – while I suspect he will play after this year in Europe, has had a great college career due to his effort and desire to be better. Like Powell, he also gets it, and seems like a very nice kid. Best to all these guys. They’ve put themselves in position to be in the mix to go deep into March and maybe to April. Focus – and please shoot some extra free throws… As players and people – you are a credit to the University.

    • Rich Ricci

      Based on his size, body type and overall athleticism, I completely agree that Desi Rodriguez easily has the best chance of playing in the NBA of all the players on the current Seton Hall roster, Bob. He would more than likely have to play guard, so his ball handling will have to continue to improve, but I can see him being a good role player on the right team due to his ability to score on jumpers, drives and post-ups, along with his defensive skills (when he puts his mind to it!!).

      While Myles Powell far and away has the highest basketball IQ on the team, I think his lack to “shooting guard size” will limit his chance of making it in the NBA. However, he could possibly be transformed into a point guard since his court vision and passing skills are very high and, combined with his other natural abilities, could entice some teams to take a good look at him.

      • Bob Murphy

        Totally agree. Desi is more or less playing the guard position in college now. I know he is listed at SF, but is is shooting from outside and slashing to the basket.

        For Myles, I agree that he may end up as a PG, but could be a tweener, since NBA is going smaller and smaller. If he stays two more years, he will be one of the highest scoring players in the country as he will be the man next year for us.