Marquette up first on Seton Hall’s early road trip

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Fresh off of their most dominant win of the season, Seton Hall first heads to the midwest to embark on a three-game road trip filled with tests.

The Hall will first face Marquette for the second time this season in their third conference game before taking on Providence and then top-five Villanova in the span of six days, a stretch that should be labelled a success if Kevin Willard’s team can pick up two wins along the way.

A team that Seton Hall saw just over a week ago in Newark, the Golden Eagles may come out desperate on Wednesday night after Steve Wojciechowski labelled his guys as “noncompetitive” in a loss to Villanova on Sunday in which they fell behind by 30 in the second half.

It probably would have been better for the Pirates if Marquette came on the tail-end of the road trip since preparing for a team you beat just a week ago is unique.

“It’s probably easier because we’re going to know personnel,” explained Kevin Willard when asked if seeing the Golden Eagles again so soon is hard or easy.

“You probably have about two days [prepping] where you worry about yourself and two days where you worry about them. Where for Providence it will be a little tougher and obviously for ‘Nova, it’s a little different.”

After playing on Wednesday night and presumably flying overnight to Providence, Seton Hall will have just Thursday and Friday to get ready for a Saturday noon tip with the Friars. 

“Actually, I’ve gotten screwed a whole lot,” said Willard half-jokingly post-DePaul about if he has experienced this scheduling before.

“Last year I think was the first year I hadn’t had three in a row. We’ve gotten the short end of the stick quite a bit … we have seven games coming up against teams with more preparation time. It starts with Providence, then Villanova, and then it’s one after another after another, so we have to get mentally ready for that.”

A 48-hour turnaround that includes a trip south to Philly to take on a top-five team in a venue the Hall hasn’t won at since 1993 is the most daunting part of the journey.

“I complain and it’s just like being at home: no one listens.”

While Villanova certainly won’t be listening, it doesn’t sound like lead front-man Angel Delgado is either.

“That’s why we were on the road in the pre-season,” he said. “We went on the road to Hawaii, Orlando so we can be prepared for that. We have three games on the road and I feel like it’s regular for me now because we’ve did that before.”

Along with moving to 3-1 in conference, Seton Hall will have a chance to improve their winning streak against Marquette to four games since their brutal 78-56 first round exit at the Big East Tournament two seasons ago.

That’s a far cry from the Pirates’ 1-13 mark in Big East play from 2005 — when Marquette joined the league — until 2014.

Three things to watch against Marquette:

Marquette may be down to eight scholarship players again. Point guard Duane Wilson has missed all but six minutes of conference play since picking up a groin injury against Georgetown and it looks like he could be out yet again after not playing against Villanova. Even if he goes, he probably won’t be 100-percent and this provides a noticeable boost for the Hall. Seton Hall will be keen on forcing another five turnovers from freshman point guard Markus Howard while keying in on Katin Reinhardt around the perimeter will be another major focal point for Ish Sanogo.

Turnovers and rebounds will be major factors. Forget free-throws for now, the rebounding and ball security battles will prove vital on Wednesday. Seton Hall was just +3 on the glass in the first meeting and turned it over 17 times to Marquette’s 16, which will partially explain the close margin as free-throws were a non-factor. Unlike DePaul, Wojo can throw two 6-10 guys at Angel Delgado to try and own the paint more.

Angel Delgado is a double-double away from tying history. As noted post-DePaul, Delgado will tie the late Eddie Griffin’s mark of 10-straight double-doubles that he set back in 2001 if he can post his 12th of the season. Angel is on the brink of setting a modern school record; he will also pass Adrian Griffin (803) into eighth place if he can snare seven or more boards.

KenPom says: No. 38 Marquette 82, No. 49 Seton Hall 77 (31%)

Last 10 meetings (SH 4-6; 5-15 in Big East; Willard is 5-8)

Jan. 1, 2017, Seton Hall 69, Marquette 66, Newark, N.J.
Feb. 3, 2016, Seton Hall 79, Marquette 62, Newark, N.J.
Dec. 30, 2015, Seton Hall 83, Marquette 63, Milwaukee, Wisc.
March 11, 2015, Marquette 78, Seton Hall 56, New York City, N.Y.
Feb. 7, 2015, Marquette 57, Seton Hall 54, Newark, N.J.
Jan. 28, 2015, Seton Hall 80, Marquette 70, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Feb. 11, 2014, Marquette 77, Seton Hall 66, Newark, N.J.
Jan. 11, 2014, Marquette 67, Seton Hall 66, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Feb. 19, 2013, Marquette 67, Seton Hall 46, Newark, N.J.
Jan. 16, 2013, Marquette 69, Seton Hall 62, Milwaukee, Wisc.

Projected Marquette starters
PG – Markus Howard
G – Haanif Cheatham
G/F – JaJuan Johnson
G/F – Sam Hauser
C – Luke Fischer

Projected Seton Hall starters
PG – Madison Jones
G – Khadeen Carrington
F – Desi Rodriguez
F – Ish Sanogo
F – Angel Delgado

When: Wednesday, 7PM ET
TV: FOX Sports 1
Radio: AM970 (Gary Cohen & Dave Popkin) / SIRIUS 134 / XM 201
Opening line: Seton Hall +5

  • Andrew Herbst

    This was a great test for us. Just have to take one game at a time.

    • VinBick

      Andrew, your short, spot on comments are always valuable. Loved the strong effort at both ends of the court on Saturday. Same intensity has to be present in every game for this team to make noise in March. No let up!

      • Andrew Herbst

        Thanks Vin. I loved the intensity as well. No let downs. GO PIRATES!

        • VinBick

          If you are going to the game against the Johnnies (The Redmen–will never call them the Red Storm) will be at the top of Section 19 by the TV cameras at halftime. Will have two grandchildren in tow–11 & 9–Jared and Jocelyn.

          • Andrew Herbst

            Sounds good Vin. Might be going to that game.

  • Matty P

    With Marquette down to possibly only 8 scholarship players I’m hoping that SHU will attack the basket to get a couple guys in foul trouble. In the first game the fouls were limited, evidenced by neither team shooting a foul shot in the first half.

    • It’s a double-edged sword if Marq is able to draw fouls (none of their guys are nationally ranked by KenPom; SH has 2) since they are second-best at making them

      But if either of their centers get in trouble, that will reap largest benefit. They have about 1 replacement at each position: Rowsey at guard, Reinhardt on the wing, Heldt at forward/center.

  • Mosleyman

    I’m a big supporter of Coach Willard, but isn’t it about time he stops whining about the schedule? Even if he is 100% correct, what’s the point? I think it makes us look small, like we’re establishing excuses well in advance of the game.

    • PadrePirate

      Agreed. It changes nothing. Like Angel’s attitude much better. We can do this.

      MU may be thin right now, but every one contributes. Rowsey is a decent backup guard, and we saw last week that Reinhardt can shoot well.

    • I’ll just add that it’s interesting KW knew (haven’t fact-checked) the numbers about games with less prep. I didn’t add it in story, but he also knew that Xavier had the next most games with less prep, with 3.

      Its very feasible that KW’s completely justified comments about Denver affected the team in March

      • hallstorm

        Look, I completely understand where Williard is coming from, but it isn’t doing a damn thing other than preparing the team to excuse itself if it loses. He’ll be able to earn his time in between big games after he is successful another 2-3 seasons. It just gets tiring to hear about.

        What does it all say about the Big East tournament when you may have to play 3/4 days in a row?

        This game tonight is a big one. Providence just lost to DePaul last night, so you can bet they’ll be fired up to play hard Saturday.

        • What do you mean by “He’ll be able to earn his time in between big games after he is successful another 2-3 seasons”?

          I mean, objectively, if KW is right about the numbers, that is really unfair. Voicing that unfairness is another thing.

          • hallstorm

            I strongly believe–like any successful coach that can persuade referees in-game (Coach K comes to mind especially during the championship game a couple years ago against Wisconsin. The ridiculous second half foul discrepancy won Duke the national title)–that Seton Hall will gain scheduling “favors” as our win totals and respect improve. I can be mistaken, but it seems the scheduling “gods” will push Seton Hall’s priority toward the top of the list if we can string a couple of good seasons together.

            It’s either that or complete randomness as to how they schedule. If it’s the latter, then griping about it will make absolutely no difference but create excuses for your team if they lose. If it’s the former (and they actually do schedule teams in a priority fashion), then the next few years ought to give us a little more time in between the major games.

            Am I way off base?

    • Joe Schmoe

      The reality is every team in the conference has a horrendous schedule…There is 4 ranked teams…Seton Hall the current #26. That’s 10 of the 18 games vs top tier national talent. The other five teams arent exactly slouches either…. Your playing 18 hard fought games regardless of the name on ur jersey

  • hallstorm


    How about this kid Shakur Juiston? Hall is interested. 6’7″ rebounder and hard worker. Paterson native who is playing at the Hutchinson post grad school. Do you know much about his recruitment?

    • I posted about him on here a few weeks ago. He visited + took in a game.

      Don’t know much about his recruitment though.

      Hall has also reportedly offered ’17 F Isaiah Whaley, I think I posted about him too. Memphis the only offer since 1/1/16. An offer/spring visit was reported in Dec, but there was no offer as of then. Not sure if that has changed since — it may have. Face up 4 with high motor who can rebound.

      • hallstorm

        Ok–I guess I missed that post about Juistin. Whaley seems like a similar player and either would be a good asset to have as they both have been described to have comparable talents.

        Maybe some of the big boys are starting to take notice of Williard’s development of Delgado?

        • This is more-so after the fact recruiting. Hard to get any top-150 current seniors at this stage.

          I’d probably prefer Juiston if he’s considerably most capable of providing impact next season and since both are not traditional post forwards.

          • hallstorm

            What would the eligibility be for these guys going into next season? How many years would they have left to play in division I?

          • Juiston would have 2 years, he’s a soph. JuCo. Whaley would have 4 years, like any frosh

    • Matty P

      Here’s an article from Zagsblog about Juiston. Sounds like as you mentioned he’s a kid that likes to rebound and has a good motor. Also, based on his stats it looks like another kid who has trouble shooting FTs (74-129; 57.4%).

      • hallstorm

        Yes–zagsblog is exactly where I read about this kid Juiston.

        Free throw shooting sounds like he’d fit in perfectly with our current group : )

  • Matty P

    Baylor’s stay at the top of the top 25 is going to be short lived after a blowout loss to West Virginia.

    • hallstorm

      They are the real deal. I think they stay in the 25. West Virginia is always a notorious home-court team that can beat anyone in their own backyard. It’s why they struggle on neutral courts every year in the NCAA tournament.

      Generally speaking, though, the Big 12 seems to always have 5 teams in the 25 every year.

    • I remember someone posting on here during Orlando tournament that Gonzaga is overrated. They went on to win that tourny, are 15-0, 7th in KenPom, and have a 14% chance of finishing regular season undefeated.

      • LBP

        Think I said that and am trying to get foot out of my mouth since.

  • PadrePirate

    This should be a great game. That crazy finish last time shows that these teams are pretty evenly matched. Howard and Cheatam are a decent backcourt and shoot well. Wojo’s rotation is short, but he makes the best of it. We really only have a 7-8 man rotation too. If Ish and Angel stay out of foul trouble, we should have the advantage down low. I hope the boys keep up the offensive look they showed vs. Depaul. GO HALL!

  • Looks like Duane Wilson is a go tonight, though likely limited minutes.

  • Matty P

    Who would’ve thought that it would be foul shooting that would be keeping this team in the game.

  • PadrePirate

    We are very lucky to still be in this one with so many TO’s and poor shooting. Big test for KW at the half. Hes got to mix up the offendive sets and find a way to get Angel going

  • LBP

    Pretty poor first half– unfortunately, Hall PGs are just not that good– hope we go down low but not liking Game so far

  • hallstorm

    A very sloppy first half–just bad turnovers. Open passes that weren’t even challenged by Marquette that went awry. Spends a lot of energy to come back.

    I feel like we all should get used to a poor first half. It seems to be an every game occurrence.

  • PadrePirate

    These games are wild. We’ve got the edge in OT

  • Matty P

    The free throw shooting kept them in the game in the first half and hurt them in the 2nd and OT. Was going to catch up to them eventually. The team also really needs to fix the turnover problem. Gave up way too many uncontested layups to Marquette.

  • hallstorm

    Jones and Thomas are just not division I point guards.

    Just keeping a running tally: 13 missed free throws that finally cost us a game. If we hit just 4 or 5, its a different game.

    This was game that was for the taking. Williard with an early 8/9 man rotation in the first 8 minutes is baffling. The other game I remember this happening: a loss to Stanford. Down big early.

    • Matty P

      I didn’t quite understand the move putting Eron Gordon in during the 1st half. My only guess is it was Carrington and Powell picking up too many fouls during the 1st half. If that’s the case I’m guessing Willard feels he can’t put Jones and Thomas together on the floor so the next option is Gordon. The better move might have been to try and move Desi to the 2 and bring Nzei in to play with Sanogo and Delgado.

    • LBP

      Agree hallstorm– Madison Jones had 9 assists but really only earned about 4–plus he could not stop his Guy from getting into paint–not very good tonight and not going to get much better