March Madness First Round Open Thread

Feel free to discuss happenings around the country while I’m capturing everything that happens during Seton Hall’s media availability session and their subsequent open practice this morning and afternoon.

First set of notable afternoon games:
No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Notre Dame (1215, CBS)
No. 12 UNC-Wilmington vs. No. 5 Virgina (1240, truTV)
No. 13 Winthrop vs. No. 4 Butler (130, TNT)
No. 13 E. Tennessee State vs. No. 4 Florida (310, truTV)

Evening games:
No. 11 Xavier vs. No. 6 Maryland (650, TNT)
No. 10 VCU vs. No. 7 Saint Mary’s (720, TBS)
No. 14 Florida Gulf Coast vs. No. 3 Florida State (920, TNT)
No. 9 Virginia Tech vs. No. 8 Wisconsin (940, CBS)