Khadeen Carrington has game for the ages in Seton Hall’s 87-81 win over No. 20 Creighton

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NEWARK — The way Khadeen Carrington put Seton Hall on his back during Seton Hall’s 87-81 win over No. Creighton, you would have thought it was Isaiah Whitehead.

But perhaps not even the Brooklyn Nets point guard played as good a game as Carrington did tonight during his two-year career.

“Definitely not as efficient, but he had some pretty darn good games,” said Kevin Willard.

“I’ll have to go back and watch the tape, Isaiah [Whitehead] had some great games. But for Khadeen coming off a tough night at St. John’s — I knew we were going to be in good shape when we were walking back to the locker room after the press conference he said ‘Coach don’t worry, I’ll get it back.’ His efficiency is what I’ve been waiting for all year.”

Carrington became the first Pirate player to surpass the 40 mark since Sterling Gibbs in 2013-14 en route to setting a new career-high which of course came on a go-ahead bucket late in the second half.

41 points on 15 shots to go along with 7 assists and 5 rebounds — try that on for size.

“I loved how efficient he was,” said Willard for the umpteenth time post-game. “That was the best game I’ve seen him play from an all-around standpoint, his efficiency was off the charts.”

While it looked like Carrington was playing a game of HORSE against Creighton two-guard Marcus Foster at times, Jays head coach Greg McDermott thought Angel Delgado‘s 17 points and 17 boards were just as if not more important.

“It’s not a fair battle right now in terms of strength,” said McDermott of Delgado’s battle against NBA prospect Justin Patten. “Those offensive rebounds down the stretch when the game was in the balance were the difference.”

Delgado turned around a quiet first half to score 15 and bring in 12 boards after the break, most of which came at key points, but McDermott ultimately couldn’t deny Carrington’s worldly performance.

“Well he’s not in a slump anymore, he took care of that [laughs]. He was really good … I’m not sure we’ve given up 22 free throws to a team all year, let alone one guy.”

Seton Hall’s big-time win over Creighton provides their third top-50 win in addition to South Carolina and California, setting up an epic clash against top-five Villanova on Saturday in what will likely be the biggest game in Prudential Center history to this point. 

“We talked about on Sunday when we came back after St. John’s, we knew we had a great opportunity ahead of us and knew we were still in great position,” said Willard of his team’s turnaround.

“They understood what was at stake. I thought they really brought it emotionally tonight for all 40 minutes.”

Seton Hall will need to ramp it up to another level and bring it for another 40 minutes on Saturday in order to continue steering this Pirate ship in the direction of the NCAAs yet again. 

  • Wrote this story in literally 20 minutes to catch a train. Turns out they are delayed 45+ minutes due to a fire on tracks. My luck! 🙂

    • LBP

      Chris–truly great job.
      Hall should get you home in a limo–you are great for the program.

      • Thank you Leon. I wish! I got home just before 3AM; should have been 12:45 if not for the train delays.

        • Ardy

          Yes Chris thanks for the great content and current updates of information. Your honesty in reporting is refreshing.Good game last night.We will need balanced scoring going forward.If the team can get on the same page they can beat anybody! The tools are there.

        • shufaninva

          That’s what you get for saying everyone should be home by 11:30 lol 😉

    • The Other Matt

      Thank you for all that you do Chris. We as a Hall family can not thank you enough for your constant coverage of the Hall and consistent informative insight of the program. It always makes the losses a little bit easier to cope with to come back and read your articles and share in despair with our fellow Hall supporters. And with wins like this, it’s always a great feeling being able to rejoice produly in the comments after reading a solid article on a solid team victory. Rest up Chris, we’ve got a big one on Saturday and hopefully the smiles on everyone faces will be a little bit wider come Saturday mid-afternoon, evening. Be safe everyone. And as always, HAZARD ZET FORWARD!

      • “It’s a quick turnaround, I really got the short end of the stick with the train delays while Nova writers have more time to rest up…” 🙂

        Thank you Matt. Keep telling myself it’s crunch time of the season and there’s plenty of time to sleep during the off-season.

        • PadrePirate

          🙂 Very funny. Don’t spend too much time with KW post-L interviews…

    • Hence no player quotes from me last night. Feel free to add some content from other outlets to the comments section. With the massive delays, turns out I had the time to do player interviews but had to rush just to publish this story. Taking the train on a weeknight simulates what a typical online/print media deadline is like!

  • Willard on Ish Sanogo: “[lists games they lost without him] … the only games we’ve won without him were Quinnipiac and… Providence. Mike [Nzei] gives us something that Ish doesnt offensively but teams like this where you need someone to be able to cover guys, he showed tremendous heart to just get on the court, really tremendous heart.”

  • LBP

    Just got back and the Crowd was great but not as much as Carrington and Angel–tremendous effort–just tremendous. Sanogo was awesome and may have his best Game also.
    M. Jones was miserable and had more open space than Texas– to have only one assist and no foul shots says it all. I really believe that Myles has to have more floor time ( Creighton was all over him) and Nez has to play more physically.
    But everyone played hard it is tuff to choose between Delgado’s 3 fabulous put backs or the play ( which I have never seen) where Carrington stole the rolling ball throw in.
    Lotsa fun and I hope the Xavier effort from fans and the Team is as great.

    • Credit to those that showed up. Engaged and loud but few. Corners and endzones empty save the students. Sides were 1/3 full at best. Those that didnt show really missed out on a great game.

      Will be interesting if KW tries to toy with KC + MP instead of MJ going forward more.

      • LBP

        I did not get home from Game to 11:30pm ( unfortunately, I am old and have to work)–when the Game starts @ 8:15 or after on a week night what can be expected regarding Crowd size? School kids can not go and people whom have to travel will not get home to mid-night.
        I have always been puzzled as to why , in the Big East with Teams in the Midwest, the “east” schools play the second Game. Let the Midwest start later –I am sure the schedule could be adjusted and I believe the attendance would benefit.
        Oh well,guess I will go cure other World problems 🙂

        • I think TV takes precedent over what you’ve written. It’s paying the bills, but not exactly filing the seats. I get the tough logistics, but if you live within an hour of the arena, you would have gotten home by 1130~ last night. I think that’s a small sacrifice at this part of the season against a top-25 team with the NCAAs on the line.

  • Thehall

    Injuries have hurt this team. Having Ish back really makes a difference on the defensive end. KC dislocating his finger lead to his shooting slump. Powell needs to play more let KC run the point. He can penetrate and look for his shot or kick it out to Desi and Myles. Angel stepped up big in the second half. Great win.

    • Know anywhere I can find post-game +/- numbers? Regardless, Ish was the best on the court with +14 at one point (midway through second half). For comparison Madison Jones was -7 and Mike Nzei -14.

  • Fishjam

    Khadeen was incredible tonight. Confident, sharp and focused for the entire 40 minutes. Think the St Johns game may have woke him up a little. He’s always been streaky so if he can play like this down the stretch we can do some things. Besides the points, he also made good decisions with the ball and looked to get his teammates involved (7 assists). If he an play smart and efficient like that, he can play more Point and allow Powell to play more than Jones which is obviously our best talent together.

    Ish gave us a big lift with his defense, toughness and the huge offensive rebound in the last minute. Angel found a way to impact the game in the 2nd half despite being constantly doubled. Hit a couple of 15-foot jumpers to get him going then started crashing the boards hard.

    Great team win.

    • LBP

      I go to you for a lot of Answers–but here is a fun one. Have you ever seen a roll-in intercepted? Khadeen’s steal was a first for me.

      • PadrePirate

        I’ve never seen a roll-in period. Who does that? The idea is to get the ball to midcourt without eating clock? Very risky play.

        • Seriously? Roll-ins happen all the time late in games but they are usually not seriously contested until the defender fakes a steal attempt around midcourt and the attacker picks the ball up at that point. It’s almost as effective as starting with the ball with a midcourt in-bounds pass if not defended.

        • SHU95

          Actual I see that a lot… The mistake the Creighton player made was turning his back to the defender (KC)…usually they move along side the ball or even behind the ball to keep everything in front of them… If u watch the replay, the Creighton player is actually out ahead of the ball which forced him to turn his back… KC was very optimistic, made a GREAT play

          • SHU95

            Opportunistic (mean to say)

        • ThePirateFan

          It’s something the all teams do, but the Spurs have been doing a lot more than the rest. It’s one of new-age things that help them maximize win probability that ends up being chalked up to them just being an excellent “team” every year.

          If you’re down in the final x minutes where the clock stops after a made basket, the PG doesn’t grab the ball until he has to so that they can get into their offense earlier.

          If you’re down outside the final x minutes where the clock runs after a made basket, you inbound the ball ASAP after a made basket, otherwise you’re losing 4-5 seconds per made basket.

          If you’re up, you provide light 3/4 court pressure to prevent the other team from accomplishing the above. Sometimes this is done early in the game, too, just to shave some time off the shot clock before the team gets into their offense. I recall seeing more of this last season, though, perhaps teams have adjusted to it after a full season of the 30-second shot clock under their belt.

      • SHU95

        Never seen that before… said the same thing

  • Fishjam

    Love watching Ish gut it out on the court with his sprained ankle,bad knee, dislocated shoulder and missing tooth!

    • LBP

      His hustle stopped those “run-outs ” for Patton (whom is a great Athlete)

      • PadrePirate

        I will be smiling ear to ear all day after Angel out-rebounded Patton 17-2. NBA scouts have been drooling after Patton and he makes the top 10 centers list, but we saw who owns the paint.

  • PadrePirate

    Officially back on to the bubble! Give KC the job at point for the rest of the season. And please somebody tell those idiot judges at ESPN central who the best C/PF in this league really is, whether you call him Kareem or Karl. Get the kid on one of those darn lists.

    • Haha. They were on the bubble according to almost every serious outlet pre-game, but would have definitely been OUT looking in if they had lost. But let’s not go down that path again 🙂

  • PadrePirate

    Patton is an athletic center with a lot of upside, but he ain’t no beast!! GO HALL

    • The Hobokenite

      For someone of Patton’s size, he got manhandled in the second half by the Pirates musclemen! What makes Angel’s rebounding prowess even more extraordinary is that he can’t even jump that high! His timing and positioning is an aw inspiring demonstration to behold in person.

  • Just added the photo gallery — had some technical issues last night.

  • VinBick

    Omaha Herald article on last night’s game. No mention locally, Ledger or NY Post, about Angel leading the nation in rebounding. He gets little coverage of his outstanding performance except at this blog.
    “NEWARK, N.J. — Creighton couldn’t match the physical and bullish effort of Seton Hall’s rebounders during the game’s most critical stretch, losing a back-and-forth battle to a team whose desperation for a marquee win paid off.

    The Bluejays (21-5, 8-5 Big East) surrendered eight offensive rebounds in the final five minutes of their 87-81 defeat, one of the major reasons they were unable to keep the Pirates from scoring on any of their last 13 trips down the floor.

    Seton Hall (16-9, 6-7) grabbed rebounds on two of its own misses with the game tied at 71-71, leading to a free throw. Then came two more offensive boards on the next possession. Then two more. And another. And another.

    It’s true that the Jays had no answer for Seton Hall’s Khadeen Carrington, who ended up with 41 points. But they ultimately left the Prudential Center with a discouraging feeling because of their inability to cap stingy defensive efforts with the ever-crucial defensive board down the stretch.

    “It comes down to who’s tougher, and they were tougher (Wednesday),” redshirt freshman Justin Patton said. “We’ve got to find a way to battle through it. Even if our shots aren’t going in, we have to find another way to win. And we didn’t do it.”

    No. 20 Creighton was outrebounded 11-2 during the final five minutes. It had just six shot attempts during that span — compared to the Pirates’ 12.

    CU’s players knew that maximizing their muscle and seeking out contact as they boxed out would be a major factor in Wednesday’s game.

    Seton Hall came into the matchup ranked second during Big East play in rebounding margin (plus-6.9) — although coach Greg McDermott said afterward that it’s the league’s best on the boards. Junior Angel Delgado’s the nation’s leading rebounder, and he ended up with more second-half rebounds (12) than Creighton’s entire team (11).

    “We just kind of got out-toughed the last three or four minutes,” McDermott said. “Those offensive rebounds when the game was in balance in the last three minutes were really the difference in the game.”

    The Jays seemed to be doing what they needed to for the first 35 minutes Wednesday night. Just like in the first meeting with Seton Hall back in December, when they were outrebounded by just three (an acceptable margin for a CU team that’s been vulnerable on the glass all year).

    But the Pirates raised their intensity and urgency with the game on the line. They had to. They’re barely in the NCAA tournament picture. This week’s slate — home contests against No. 20 Creighton and No. 2 Villanova — may ultimately define their season.

    Creighton just couldn’t come up with enough responses. Instead, the Jays had to watch helplessly as the Pirates’ players flexed, screamed and swung their fists to celebrate all of those momentous rebounding sequences late.

    “The whole team had an unbelievable two days of practice and they understood what was at stake,” Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard said. “I thought they really brought it emotionally for 40 minutes.”

    Particularly Carrington. He did it all for Seton Hall.

    His 41 points are the most by a Big East player this season — and the most by an individual CU opponent since Evansville’s Colt Ryan scored 43 in 2012. Carrington made 18 of his 22 free-throw attempts (no one had converted 18 at the line against Creighton in seven years). He was 10 of 15 from the field, while also recording seven assists.

    The Jays tried to mix up their ball screen tactics against him. They used different defenders. They tried forcing him to his off-hand. They tried to swarm him, maybe forcing him to get rid of the ball. Nothing really slowed him down.

    “He was giving us trouble in every way,” CU junior Marcus Foster said. “Hitting 3s. Getting to the basket. Finding his teammates. He’s a real good player.”

    Carrington, who’d averaged 12.3 points and shot 33.3 percent from the floor in his last eight games, looked as confident as ever Wednesday. And he was at his best at the end.

    He had an agile, leaning layin to put the Pirates up 79-76 with just less than one minute remaining. After Foster missed his own take to the rim, Carrington made two free throws.

    Junior Toby Hegner’s 3-pointer brought the Jays within two points with 20 seconds left. But Carrington hit two free throws, then alertly stole the ensuing inbounds pass when CU tried to roll the ball toward half court to save time, and then he hit two more free throws.

    “Well, he’s not in a slump anymore,” McDermott said of Carrington. “We took care of that.”

    • SHU95

      40 points in a college game- pretty rare, … Doing it on 15 shots?!? unheard of… Wow!!!!

  • GoPirates34

    Awesome game last night. Was so glad that I was there. Regarding the crowd size, I’m still in High School but no matter how late the start, I am always going to go to the game. Got home at 10:40. Not bad at all. Great game by Carrington. Desi needs to slow down at times. Seems like he drives into the lane with his head down and is unable to find the open man or avoid the Charge. Nonetheless, hope we can build off this and carry the momentum to a win on Saturday. Go Pirates.

  • fouline

    I’m happy for the win. I’m happier for KC. But I’m not very happy for the team. What team, is my question. We can’t expect the “hero” to step up every game.

  • shufaninva

    Other than the two SJU games, why does every game have to be a heart attack maker?? Another crazy one last night. Great game. Fun to watch. I know we were told Creighton loves to up the tempo…but man, last night they were shot out of a cannon on almost every possession, even after baskets they were getting shots off withing 6-7 seconds.
    How about that halftime interview with Willard? Talking about the “being tired” issue again. We have talked on here about how Willard’s calm, no panic demeanor rubs off on his guys. Well, so does constantly giving guys excuses. You can rest come April. No excuses. Just play and play hard!! If you don’t give your guys excuses, they won’t be able to use any. Saturday will be huge and very fun. I think with the place being packed, and the Pirates having so much more to play for, we definitely can pull this off. Won’t be easy, but Hazard Zet Forward!!

  • shufaninva

    Also, the dive on the rolling inbound by KC was the most awesome play I have seen in any NCAA bball game in years. I loved that!! It shows how much more we wanted (needed) that game. We need that on Saturday. Any letup and we won’t win.

    • The Hobokenite

      In all the years of having played organized ball and watched on TV, and I’m probably twice the age of most of you guys on here, I’ve never seen anybody pull off the steal from the roll in. That was an incredible, heads up play that I don’t think I’ll see again, and it came at such a critical point of the game too. That was a huge back breaker for C. I was about to do backflips onto the court after he dunked that! I’m glad to have been there to cheer them on through this amazing battle of a game.

      • hallstorm

        Agreed–I was practically right in front of that play last night and I’ve never seen anything like that either (I’m older-ish [43] as well and played much organized ball too). They were up 4 at that point, but I looked at my brother and thought: “this play could lead the ESPN highlight reel just because of it’s rarity.

  • SHU95

    This group, with a top PG (Duval) another reliable F/C off the bench & Myles Cale… As good as anybody.

    I still think our overall depth will be what ultimately holds us back this season, though I see how much heart they have and still gives good reason for hope.
    Great game, great win! Stakes raised for Saturday…Go Pirates!!

    • Matty P

      Looks like Trae Young decided to pick Oklahoma over Kansas. Going to make it more competitive to try and get Duval over Duke and Kansas.

      • SHU95

        No question about it… I do still think that we can make a compelling case to him considering he is a One & Done guy. Duke and Kansas did NOT prioritize him, they both turned their attention to him after others passed and went elsewhere. Also, as stated (very nicely by someone on here a few weeks back – I can’t recall who, otherwise I would give them credit) He can go to Duke / Kansas for a year and be a footnote in a long line of one & dones, or come hear and be remembered. All that said, I was hoping Young (& Coleman last month) would fill the spots at Kansas (& Duke). Today’s news certainly keeps things wide open for the time being… But I still think we have a shot

  • The Hobokenite

    Chris you should do a podcast. It would be great to hear commentary about the game on my drives home afterward. I would listen.

  • shufaninva

    Anybody use taxi service or uber from the Rock after a game? I am flying in Saturday morning for the game, and need a ride back to Newark Airport after the game. Just wondering how easy it is to get a taxi or uber.

    • LBP

      easy– train is even easier

      • The Hobokenite

        The walk to the train station is like 1 block. And I’ve taken Uber back to Hoboken a couple of times. There was one time, one of the Uber drivers was the father of one of the SHU cheerleaders. LOL, small world.

        • shufaninva


      • shufaninva


  • PadrePirate

    To continue my Kareem-finalists rant (see below on Patton)…
    7’1″ 300 lb C from Gonzaga (12 pts / 5.7 rb per game) vs Angel (15 pts /13.4 rb per game), and that’s vs. BE competition arguably stronger top to bottom than the WC.
    Strangely, one of the best, if not the best C in D1 hoops right now is not among the “top 10 finalists” for that cursed Kareem award.

    • hallstorm

      Oh I went on a diagnosis on even the Wooden finalists for Delgado (I don’t think he should even be limited to the Kareem finalists). As compared to Happ and a few others, I think Delgado is much better and so do the numbers.

  • Matty P

    Very nice article on the NCAA website regarding Delgado. He’s really grown up over these couple of years and I’ll surely miss him once his career at shu comes to an end.
    Seton Hall’s Angel Delgado Tops Nation in Rebounds

  • Matt

    A lot of Villanova fans will be in attendance tomorrow…crowd size will be 17 thousand I think

  • Joe Schmoe

    And in one night we go from a 7th seed to a 5th seed in conference. extremely wacky year…with other teams having a perceivably tougher schedule than ours…a 4th seed in conference might actually be attainable…

    • Joe J

      Yes. And on the flip side only 1 game away from 9th place. Very competitive big east this year. Other than DePaul being horrible

      • Joe Schmoe

        Lol..they are holding some tie breakers over the others. Tomorrow is not a vaca day….Im nervous about the rock being a home court atmosphere for Nova. Need everyone firing on all cylinders tomorrow afternoon.

        • Joe J

          I like our chances tomorrow. This is a veteran team who have played in big games before. they’ll be ready. Plus nova thoroughly embarrassed the Hall in the first game. jay Wright’s post game comments, his team and even their band were disrespectful. It’s payback time tomorrow in a huge game for the Hall

  • PadrePirate

    Looks like College Hoops (FS1) does not want to upload the replay of the vs. Creighton game for your overseas servicemen. If anyone knows of another way to see the game, I’m all ears.

  • LBP

    Hall opens as a 6.5 dog– not really surprising–
    Just do not see Hall stopping Brunson but hoping my significant dislike of Nova and its Nation can pull Pirates through a huge upset–Huge ( word for 2017)

    • hallstorm

      Agree 100% LBP. Brunson is the absolute key tomorrow. He needs to be kept out of the lane and being able to create. Hall has to hound him and make him very uncomfortable.

  • LBP

    Great Day to be a Pirates Fan my Brothers and Sisters!!!
    Going to the Game with a positive attitude — even about Madison Jones 🙂

    • shufaninva

      Stuck on the runway at Dulles airport. Delayed, but still should be in my seat before tip!!

      • LBP

        If the Team gives 1/2 the effort of shufaninva ,this will be a rout !!!