Jordan Walker may stay at Seton Hall

Yes, you are reading the headline right: Jordan Walker’s story at Seton Hall may not be done yet. It’s as equal a plot twist as the one you read yesterday stating he is done as a Pirate.

A few hours after discussing a short list of not-so-endearing reasons regarding why Jordan Walker is done at Seton Hall with people who would know, social media started to chatter that the shocking decision — reported by several outlets — was not yet a done deal.

Then I received this tweet. Apparently the final decision will be made today. Gotta love college sports drama, right?

Still, at very best this is a worrying tremor. Of course it’s expected that a freshman athlete transitioning to the college lifestyle at a high-major program will have growing pains, but leaving the program abruptly as a result is surely a knee-jerk response.

And disagreements with a senior coaching staff plus academic issues just three months into a four-year ride are more important to many than an assist-to-turnover ratio.

But people forgive and forget, and freshmen mature, so let’s see what the next plot twist brings.