Isaiah Whitehead pushes back NBA Draft decision date

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Unfortunately for Seton Hall fans, the nail-biting will continue.

Isaiah Whitehead has rescheduled the day he will announce his decision about staying in the 2016 NBA Draft from tomorrow to May 24th (or perhaps the 25th), the day before underclassmen must remove their names from consideration.

Whitehead’s choice to push back what may be the biggest moment of his life is understandable and comes on the heels of picking up a groin injury during his Monday workout with the Philadelphia 76ers that sidelined him for a session with the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.

Some sources indicate that Isaiah performed well for the Sixers while others say he struggled.

I’ve also heard positive things regarding an encore season, though anyone claiming an absolute decision at this point is incorrect.

Regardless of the uncertainty about what Whitehead will do, it seems pretty clear to me that the ‘Depart-o-Meter’ has leaned in favor of Seton Hall fans over the past few days.

Whitehead didn’t follow up on early success at the NBA Draft Combine, likely did not ‘Wow’ Sixers scouts and picked up an injury in the process.

Barring something unforeseen, the 100-percent gone if a first-round lock condition is a stretch, leaving the waters a bit choppier for Seton Hall’s star.