Former Marquette commit Philip Flory to walk-on at Seton Hall

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A shooting guard from Wisconsin who committed to Marquette in 2013 will walk-on at Seton Hall this season.

Pledging to a high-major program as a 15-year-old prior to playing a minute of high school hoops then walking on at a different school in the same conference four years later is quite the journey.

That journey has been traversed by three-star two-guard Philip Flory (Oshkosh North, Wisc.), who went to high school an hour east of Marquette and an hour south of Green Bay — but will be attending college in South Orange this coming year.

The son of a Marquette alum who played two seasons for the Golden Eagles, Flory de-committed less than a year into Steve Wojciechowski’s term after previously committing to Buzz Williams. Seton Hall assistant Fred Hill was an assistant at Marquette from 1986-88 and coached Philip’s father, Mike Flory.

Flory also experienced a series of injuries during the middle part of his high school career which suppressed his recruitment; Flory had open “opportunities” at Pitt and Virginia Tech while schools like Wichita State, Green Bay, and Northern Iowa had been sniffing around this spring.

Although shooting guard is Seton Hall’s deepest position, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a temp-to-hire type of situation where Flory can perhaps earn himself a scholarship in South Orange.

  • SHU95

    Looks like he has good size & skill based on the video… Seems Low risk considering they can assess & give a Ship later if it’s a fit… Very Creative, way to go Staff. Can play this fall I assume??

    • I assume so. He’s class of 2017, so should be joining up with team during a summer a session.

  • fouline

    He’s no risk, possibly high return. Good move.

  • shufaninva

    I wonder why he chose The Hall over Buzz at Tech since Buzz was the coach he originally committed to. Interesting.

  • shufaninva

    I see the Setonian has already reached out to hear more. I’m sure his story will be very interesting.

    • Melissa Meyer

      He’s got a great story…this just begins another chapter…

  • Here’s the connection: Fred Hill coached as Marquette from 86-88; he coached Philip’s father

  • Matty P

    Little bit off topic, but I’m not sure how many people decided to watch the Nets summer league game against the Lakers tonight. One thing that was nice while watching the game was hearing Jeff Van Gundy mentioning Seton Hall probably 2-4 times throughout the game when Whitehead made a couple nice plays (used his patented spin move to shake a defender for a layup a couple times). Hopefully Whitehead is the start of getting guys back into the NBA and increasing the popularity of the school with potential recruits.

    • RonD

      I saw the game. Even though it was a virtual home game for the Lakers and Lonzo Ball, they had to talk about IW several times after he made some really nice plays.
      For those who haven’t been following, IW averaged 13.2 points in five games (14,12,11,14,15) and 3 assists, good for second on the team in both categories. Last night he had 15 pts, 3 assts, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. He’ll be in the Nets guard rotation this season.

    • I was following him lightly, but did not watch the LA game which knocked BK out. My brother told me BK was in decent shape then Whitehead looked like he picked up some sort of injury and had to come out, which helped turn tide. Accurate?

      • Matty P

        That’s a pretty accurate summary. Whitehead ended up bruising his knee on a drive to the basket a couple mins into the 3rd quarter. At that point they were up 7 and were up by that margin or more for most of the game. He didn’t come back until the beginning of the 4th when they were down by 2. I think his injury started the slide and then Atkinson (the nets head coach) kept it going by taking out all/most of the starters with a 3-4 mins left in the quarter. Not going to blame the coach though for giving some guys double digit mins to see if they’re worth keeping on the roster or signing to a D League contract.

  • VinBick

    Another off topic question for Chris and those here who have far more insight into the program than me. Are the players on campus now practicing? If so, are there any practices that are open to the public between now and the opening of the season?

    • PadrePirate

      I’ve seen a few guys (KC, Desi, and I think Cheese) come to the Regan Rec center this summer. A lot of players take summer classes to lighten their load during the school year. But that really doesn’t answer your question, because those are just private workouts. Living on campus this summer and haven’t heard of any scheduled team practices open to the public.

      • VinBick

        Thanks, Father. I ride by the campus on Monday evenings and there seems to be a lot of activity with the new buildings going up. Wonder if there is a place for the ROTC to march anyplace on site?

        • PadrePirate

          Summer’s been full of outdoor building projects and indoor renovations…Can’t help you with ROTC.

    • Practices over the summer are regulated. Here are a few by laws (in sum, it’s complicated)

      NCAA bylaw (
      An institution shall not commence on-court preseason basketball practice sessions before the date that is 42 days before the date of the institution’s first regular-season contest. An institution shall not engage in more than 30 days of countable athletically related activities before its first regular-season contest. Any countable athletically related activities (e.g., conditioning, skill-related instruction) that occur within the 42-day period shall count against the 30 days of countable athletically related activities Permissible Conditioning Activities. Team conditioning or physical-fitness activities supervised by coaching staff members may be conducted on or off court but shall not begin prior to the beginning of the institution’s academic year in accordance with Bylaw Such activities shall be limited to eight hours per week.

      Here is the link I used:

  • PadrePirate

    Listed as 6’5″ in the Setonian. Decent size and seems to have a versatile game inside and out. Nice moves to the hole and pull up jumpers, aggressive defense and vertical leap above the rim. Could give some quality bench minutes. It’s not clear from the above article how many years of eligibility he has left?

    • He’s class of 2017, so an incoming freshman just like the other recruits.

      • PadrePirate

        “The son of a Marquette alum who played two years for the Golden Eagles, Flory…” Maybe I’m misreading but that phrase sure makes it sounds like he already played 2 seasons and so would have just 2 left…

        So was it has dad who played 2 yrs for MU?

  • Matty P

    Saw this quote from Naz Reid in a recent recruiting article from Zags. While I’m glad he’s still considering us, I almost have the feeling like either he feels that we’re still not a brand name school or other coaches have been putting that in his mind.

    Asked if Seton Hall was still realistic, he said: “Yes, definitely. They’re here. Of course they have a shot, they’ve been recruiting me since seventh grade, so I would never take them off my list just because it’s a home school or just because it’s Seton Hall. I feel like that school is, I can say, a home.”

    • SHU95

      Interesting, I would agree although if u look at the way the question is posed … ‘SHU still realistic’…. He is sort of lead there by the interviewer, and let’s face it, SHU is much smaller than the other schools and HS kids are not always the most polished interviewee’s. Thanks for posting, I missed that one. My opinion is that he kept a local school on the list because that’s protocol. The only real shot barring a personal reason for staying home, is to land Quinerly (which is also a long shot).

  • Mike Walsh

    If Flory graduated high in his class (academically) Seton Hall is very generous with merit scholarships, this might have played into his decision to walk-on.