Darnell Brodie commits to Seton Hall

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On the eve of Christmas, Seton Hall has picked up a commitment from 2017 big man Darnell Brodie of Connecticut’s Putnam Science Academy.

A native of Newark, Brodie played his first few years of high school ball at Newark East Side, the first of which came alongside a senior Ish Sanogo.

A three-star prospect according to 247Sports.com but unranked by other major recruiting outlets, Brodie had picked up offers from the likes of Saint Joseph’s, UMass, Temple, Iona, and Monmouth since this past summer; other high-majors had also been sniffing around but did not offer.

It was originally thought that Darnell would graduate in the spring and then reclassify to 2018, but I’ve been told Seton Hall was recruiting him as a 2017 prospect.

Seton Hall hosted Brodie on an official visit this past Wednesday and he was at Prudential Center for the Rutgers game on Friday night. His commitment comes on the heels of forward Myles Carter’s dismissal from the team due to academic issues.

As of September, here is a scouting report from the New England Recruiting Report:

Brodie’s size alone makes him a force to be reckoned with. At 6’9” and about 280lbs, Brodie is a prep basketball player in an NFL left tackle’s body. His size and muscle mass hasn’t always given Brodie an advantage on the court though. While he’s still susceptible to quicker wings that catch him on an island in pick-n-roll action, Brodie’s lateral agility has improved tremendously and it’s helping him on both ends. His movements have become smoother, his actions are now that of a basketball player, and he anticipates his opponent’s moves instead of reacting to them defensively

  • Sometimes with a commit, you wonder what the connection is, but this one is obvious. East Side, Ish, Roadrunners, etc


  • hallstorm

    This is much needed. I hope he can develop a solid post game underneath. I know he gets overshadowed on that Putnam team by Diallo, Diarra, Ayala and others, but it looks like he can be an old fashioned banger and board master. He should fit into our defensive system nicely

  • Andrew Herbst

    This is great news. We needed to get someone like Brodie to attack the boards once Ish and Angel are gone. Hopefully we can get another big man as well.

  • Fishjam

    Brodie is also transferring from Putnam back to East Side starting in January. He may have to sit out 30 days.

    We are desperate for a big body and that’s what Brodie is but I don’t know how much he will contribute his freshman year. There is very limited footage of him on the internet so its difficult to guage his quickness and ability to move his feet on defense. I think he’s a bit of a project, similar to Myles Carter but with more potential and a much better attitude and work ethic. Comes highly recommended by East Side coaches and Roadrunners Director Sandy Pyonin who say he’s a good kid willing to work and just scratching the surface of his ability. He’s got tremendous strength and suppossed to have a solid looking shot with improving agility.

    Hopefully we put him on the Myles Powell agilty and quickness improvement workout plan and he can become a contributor off the bench for a few minutes per game next year and develop into a regular rotational player by his Soph year when Angel and Ish will be gone.

    • This is what I had heard. Decent move from a basketball perspective: the staff can now keep an eye on him + quality public school coaching staff. But, transferring multiple times in HS always puts credits at risk.

    • hallstorm

      There is very limited footage of him—I have looked excessively over the last 6 months. I like this move provided the coaching staff can get one or two of King, Reid, Littles, Mucius, et. al. I’d love to see the staff work on Brodie’s post positioning and try to make him a back-to-the basket player.

      I didn’t know he was transferring back to Newark East Side. I think that’s a beneficial move. He’s most likely getting limited touches on that Putnam team, so maybe having a few less stars around him will prompt him to shoot a little more.

      I think this move is TBD depending on who they can get to pair him with at the 3 and 5 positions.

      • Fishjam

        Yeah he barely played a minute or 2 per game down in Florida with Putnam. Maybe they knew he was transferring.

    • LBP

      Big Body–Fishjam I agree that Myles should share his conditioning program

    • fouline

      Fish, he’s a project. But… well… size, in this case matters.

  • The Setonian was able to speak with Brodie. A few quotes here

    Re: Ish Sanogo — “Me and him go back. From him telling me about the school and how good it was and how much it helped him, it just made me want to commit.”

    “Me and him both growing up – yeah, we weren’t stars in the area – we worked for what we have. That never stopped us.”


  • PadrePirate

    At this point, any PF commit is good news, although we still need at least one more. Body type reminds of that Compton, CA boy who didn’t work out a few years back…(name?)

    With Ish, Angel, and Anthony graduating after the 2017 season (scary), that leaves Nzei and Brodie and whatever new recruits we can get for the 2018 season. Needs work.

    • Kevin Johnson?

      But the staff is going after JuCo kid Shakur Juiston (Paterson East Side). He’s a face-up 4 with a motor who can rebound, from an unbiased source


      • PadrePirate

        Yes, good ol KJ.
        If this list represent all our local targets, that makes landing Shakur and Naz a must. Personally, I’m hoping another trip to the Dance this year, will attract a couple of 4-5 star PFs for 2018.
        Any videos of Shakur? I only managed to find one 20 sec clip of Brodie.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Melvin Oliver…7ft tall with a 4 inch vertical.

      • PadrePirate

        It was KJ. Went back to Cali after a year in So.Orange. He was beefy like Brodie but seemed to have better footwork if I remember correctly.

        We’ll take whatever bigs we can get at this point, but Naz Reid is the real deal we should be going after to replace Angel.

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