Bracketology: Seton Hall clinging to a 7-seed after Butler loss

Seton Hall is clinging to a projected 7-seed in the NCAA tournament following their Big East quarterfinal loss to Butler on Thursday night.

According to CBSSports, ESPN, Bracketville, as well as the BracketMatrix aggregate of several dozen bracketology websites, Seton Hall will avoid the 8-9 game, as of Friday morning.

Can you let out a big sigh of relief, put down the pitchfork that has ‘Fire Willard’ inscribed on the handle, and appreciate that for a few minutes?

Here are some soothing images to take the edge off of last night.

Seton Hall has already beat a team from Texas, and this one hasn’t won consecutive games since January. Plus, it’s in driving distance. I agree with CBS.

Even ESPN has updated their bracket swiftly, which has apparently been hard to do for the Worldwide Leader. Tough big man matchup here, but a very winnable first game and a trip to lovely Nashville. 

The top-ranked bracketology site on BracketMatrix, Bracketville, also has Seton Hall in a Nashville pod with North Carolina, but against Texas instead. This is another decent draw that looks like a mix of CBS and ESPN’s. 

So yes, there is very much still a chance that Seton Hall didn’t take any real damage from their loss to Butler. That’s what the experts crunching the brackets are saying.

But this is what needs to happen for this to stay a reality: some other schools need to lose and help the Hall out.

Here are some results over the next couple of days to pull for:

VCU vs Rhode Island (Noon, NBCSN; A10 Quarterfinal) – This is a tough one. The Rams are about even with the Hall, so you’d naturally want them to drop one more game, but Seton Hall obviously loss to them, while they also beat VCU. Let me know what to think.

Kansas vs Kansas State (7PM, ESPN; Big 12 Semifinal) – Kansas State looks to be a 10-seed, but could jump up a few rungs with a trip to the conference final. Better off they just lose, right?

Butler vs Villanova (9PM, FS1; Big East semifinal) – Hey, these guys look familiar. Butler moved up to a solid 8/9 after last night and would move up even further with the upset, potentially past Seton Hall.

West Virginia vs Texas Tech (9PM, ESPN2; Big 12 Semifinal) – Neither team is a threat seed-wise, but the better Texas Tech looks, the more it helps the Hall. 

UCF vs Houston (9PM, ESPNU; America Quarterfinal) – Houston is about a 6-seed and would take a decent hit with a loss to UCF. Go Knights.

San Diego State vs Nevada (9PM, CBSSN; Mountain West Semifinal) – Ditto for Nevada. They are in the same boat as Houston and would slip with a loss.

Arkansas vs Florida (9PM, SEC Network; SEC Quarterfinal) – Add last season’s NCAA tournament opponent and Florida to the bucket of 6- or 7-seeds that can take a loss. The Razorbacks appear to be a few spots worse-off than Florida, so lets pull for Gator Country.