Rothstein: Angel Delgado and Khadeen Carrrington to enter NBA Draft

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Rising seniors Angel Delgado and Khadeen Carrington may or may not have entered the NBA Draft in an attempt to gauge their stock.

According to Jon Rothstein, both players will both enter the draft but won’t hire agents — which would bind them to the process — a routine procedure for many talented early-entrants across the nation. They can remove their name any time prior to early June; most players start the process after the tournament concludes.

Angel Delgado didn’t reveal much about his future immediately after losing to Arkansas prior to sitting down with Coach Willard on Tuesday, but he has apparently denied this report.

So has Carrington.

We will have to see if either player winds up working out with pro franchises, but neither Delgado nor Carrington are on the radar of 2017 mock drafts. It would make more sense for Delgado to get a sniff at a few NBA workouts to get a better taste of what will be required for him to get to the next level.