UPDATED: Andre Rafus delays decision, Seton Hall no longer involved

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Lake Clifton (Md.) senior small forward Andre Rafus has opted to push off his college decision, which was set for Friday.

Rafus, who previously visited Seton Hall, Kansas (unofficial) and Georgetown (unofficial),  may be looking to set up some officials to the schools on his list or is possibly being courted by schools outside of his final four — time will tell.

Regardless, a delay in his decision doesn’t sound like positive news for the Hall, as all signs pointed to the Pirates picking up their second 2017 commitment tomorrow.

UPDATE (9/29, 9AM): According to a strong source, Seton Hall is no longer actively pursuing Rafus; they haven’t seriously considered him in some time.

  • JJer

    “a delay in his decision doesn’t sound like positive news for the Hall”

    Or us lemonade makers can hope that maybe SHU got indications of a better player warming up to them, and they’re pulling interest?

  • hallstorm

    I actually second JJer’s suggestion below. 247sports has dropped Rafus from a top 50 last year to around 152 currently. Maybe Seton Hall decided they needed some more bangers down low and turned their attention toward some other physical PF’s. Rufus seems to have a lot of talent, but it sounds as if he has fallen in love with the 3-point line lately. We certainly have plenty of long range shooters now on the squad.

    Whatever the case, it is very strange that 7-247sports predictions had Rafus as signing with the Hall.

  • Fishjam

    One theory is SH isn’t prepared to take Rafus’ commitment yet. technically we have zero scholarships available right now but 1 or 2 always open up. With still at least some chance at big-time players like Nojel Eastern and Tre Duval, it’s not in SH’s interest to take a chance on a project in Rafus and possibly lose out on a better player because of it.

    As I posted a few weeks ago, Rafus’ stock is falling like a rock. His minutes were greatly reduced in HS and on his AAU team and he has not developed his game enough. IMO we should keep going for the better players and monitor Rafus in his senior year to see if he gets stronger and can improve his defense, rebounding, ball-handling, etc since right now he is just a standstill 3-point shooter not much different than Veer Singh. Singh may not be as talented but he does play hard.

    • LBP

      Great job Fishjam–I have heard the same

    • Was told definitively that he’s been recruiting SH. I’d like to believe it’s very solid info

  • Story has been updated. Seton Hall no longer pursuing, and it’s not because of his choice to push the decision off.

    Interest was apparently more from the recruit’s end than Seton Hall’s.

    Also heard similar stuff from other people.

    This despite hearing a week ago from an AAU source close to him and a source close to SH, that Rafus was SH’s to lose. That may have been true of course, but doesn’t factor in if SH wanted him too.

    • Mosleyman

      I guess it depends on how “seriously considered” is defined. It sounds like Shaheen was down to see him fairly recently, if this, among other, reports are accurate. https://twitter.com/JKim97/status/775137331279978496.

      Maybe he didn’t like what he saw.

      Do I remember correctly that there was a report a while back that Rafus and Myles Cale were buddies and that Myles was pushing him toward the Hall? Could that have fueled some of the forecasts?

      • I think I linked to this tweet in my last post. It is curious.

        From the start I did not believe Kansas was interested and I don’t think Rafus took officials to the other schools… Seems off

  • Matt

    SHU is nationally recognized now due it’s recent success. We’ve got to keep the momentum going by recruiting serious talent. I hope this works out.

  • Frank Conticello

    Is there any news that they are close I someone else?

    • Close meaning an imminent commitment? Not that I know of.

      Trevon Duval was at Kansas for their Midnight Madness event this weekend

  • fouline

    I was just wondering in the recruiting process how does a team that has been pursing a recruit tell them they’re not interested anymore? A phone call? An email? A horse’s head in their bed? What? Does anybody know?

    • Well typically coaches reach out to the players, so if you’re not getting calls anymore and aren’t being watched by them, you get the hint.

      They will also typically be well aware of where there are on a staff’s priority list, as was the case with Jose Alvarado

      • fouline

        And here I was hoping for the horse’s head. Oh, well… Thanks, Chris.

  • VinBick

    Too many very good local kids worth consideration for anyone to worry about this kid not being interested.

    • Not a big need for him either. PG/PF more important.

      • VinBick

        Always need a dominating “Big” to win in the Big East and NCAA Tournament consistently.